solopreneursSolopreneurs need the help they can get. Running a company single-handedly is no easy task. Micromanaging takes a lot of time and energy. They are literally running their business on their own.  A lot of things need to be done in a day. Doing mundane tasks can drain the energy and life out of solopreneurs. Things like answering e-mails, doing marketing materials, and bookkeeping, maintaining a website or a blog and many others can be too much for one person.

These entrepreneurs must learn how to delegate the tasks that are not too important so he/she can concentrate on the ones that matter. This is when a virtual assistant can be most helpful. Virtual office assistants can help solopreneurs run their businesses so they can concentrate on more important things. By taking care of simple everyday tasks, virtual assistants can help them run their businesses smoothly.

Virtual office assistants are usually very skilled and have advanced degrees so they are more than qualified to take on the different tasks that the solopreneurs will delegate to him/her. They can choose virtual office assistants who are skilled on the tasks at hand. Virtual office assistants can work in their home-based offices and you can pay them only at the time that they are working for you. They usually charge you only for the times that they are doing the task. Typical office assistants get paid for the whole day and end up just surfing the Internet for the most part.

Ways Solopreneurs Can Use Virtual Assistants

  1. Solopreneurs can hire virtual assistants to design a website when you need one. They can do the layout and write all the information on the website. They can even maintain and update it for you.
  2. A marketing plan is necessary to ensure the success of any business. Solopreneurs can hire virtual assistants to make marketing plans and acquire the information they need. Virtual assistants can be paid to research on the internet, books, magazines and newspapers.
  3. They can dictate letters, reports and memos to virtual assistants which they can transcribe. They can e-mail the transcriptions to solopreneurs as soon as they are done.
  4. They can ask virtual assistants to receive phone calls and take messages for them.
  5. They can ask virtual assistants to retrieve e-mails. It can be overwhelming to read and respond to a lot of e-mails. Virtual assistants can make a general e-mail wherein he/she can receive company e-mails. He/she can assess whether the e-mails are important and then forward them to solopreneurs.
  6. They can rely on virtual assistants to confirm or cancel their appointments for them.
  7. They can ask virtual assistants to make, design and layout business cards, flyers and other advertising materials for your company. Solopreneurs can hire virtual assistants who are good in graphic design and marketing so they can make materials that are good for the company.
  8. They can ask virtual assistants to take their calls and respond to their mails when they are away on vacation or when they are sick.
  9. If solopreneurs are embarking on a writing or research project, they can hire virtual assistants to help them in the writing process. Virtual assistants can do the notes, compile articles, prepare rough drafts and do fact-checking. This can make the writing process faster and easier.
  10. Solopreneurs can give the task of paying monthly bills to virtual assistants.

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