social and business networkingSocial and business networking has always been a staple in business and communications. It is a process that has existed even from ancient commerce, and a tradition that remains until today. Social networking is a phenomenon used to expand friendships, solidify a sense of community, and build connections in different business relationships.

The Spark of the Evolution of Social and Business Networking

In the beginning of the last half of the century, social and business networking took place locally, within neighborhoods and cities. These are area-based organizations, and individuals gather and compare information in order to advance their personal businesses and help others as well. Among these city-based organizations are the Lions, Kiwanis, and Elks clubs. There are also those that are purely networking-based, like the Business Networking International and LeTip.

In the individual level, social and business networking takes the form of personal exchanges of accolades and job qualifications. Their ultimate goal is to earn employment opportunities. However, in an organizational level, networking becomes business marketing— a strategy which explains and clarifies what products and services their businesses can offer. The end goal of business marketing is to sell their goods and services and expand the horizons of their company. As a way to increase a sense of community, people also exchange tips and advice in order to further the social and business networking in their own organizations.

A New Business Plane: Technology Meets Social and Business Networking

The introduction of online networking paved the way for the development of this particular sector in business and commerce. A few years ago, a website called sixdegrees was made. It is one of the first virtual planes by which individuals and businesses can gather in order to exchange information, goods, and services. This started a craze in online social and business networking, and since then, numerous websites have cropped up that serve particular and general audiences and functions.

One of the primary sites for business networking is Craigslist. It is an online warehouse of local community news, classified ads, and job listings among others. In this particular site, a market for goods and services can be better advertised and marketed. Another site famous for social and business networking is Ecademy. It is a website which requires membership before gaining full access, and gives individuals the opportunity to connect with different people in various fields. Here, you can blog, chat, and talk about industry-specific content in an easier manner.

There are also websites like Ryze that are focused in building connections between businesses and consumers. However, this website is not properly managed, but the concept remains to be one with vast potential.

Right now, one of the leaders in social and business networking is a website called LinkedIn. It is an online networking plane which boasts of a wide range of reach—it practically has users from all over the globe involving different industries. Here, you do not just sell yourself as a valuable resource. People can also affirm your specializations, see a considerable amount of projects and job listings, and help connect people who are in need of each other’s specialties.

Learn the Current Trends in Social and Business Networking

Right now, there are many platforms by which individuals can build up their connections and business relationships. However, taking part in all of those platforms at the same time can spell a disaster for you and your company. The best thing that you can do in order to improve the current level of your social and business networking is to focus on one platform, and make sure that you and your business looks solid, consistent, and dependable.

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