writing business lettersWriting business letters is something many businessmen neglect. They usually rely on the power of Internet to send out emails haphazardly. However, the danger of doing this is that you may fail in writing letters that work. If you’ll take time to review your former e-mails, perhaps you’ll find that they have lousy formatting, grammar and spelling errors. This style of writing business letters has a negative impact on your readers. Writing letters is an art and should be given your utmost attention. If you often receive junk e-mails from others, this does not mean you can likewise do so. Otherwise, your efforts at selling through writing will be futile.

Principles to Apply When Writing Business Letters

Writing business letters is something that only a few people nowadays possess. Lazy writers have no place in writing letters. Thus, for you to be in the league of skillful business letter writers, here are the things you need to know:

  1. Elements of business letter

When writing business letters, take into account its proper components. Your business letters should contain the following in this order:

  • Date when the business letter is written
  • The intended receiver’s name and address
  • Salutation
  • Opening paragraph
  • Body
  • Closing paragraph
  • Closing
  • Your name and address
  1. Formatting Styles

When writing business letters, you can choose from among these styles:

  • Block: All the components of the letter are justified to the left, and the text is single-spaced, except for paragraph breaks, which are double-spaced.
  • Modified Block: The opening, body and closing paragraphs are single-spaced and are justified to the left. On the other hand, the date, closing and salutation are aligned at the center.
  • Semi-block: It looks almost the same as modified block, except that each paragraph is indented and not justified to the left.

Whatever style you choose, select a font size and type that is readable. Avoid fancy fonts. Instead, choose professional-looking ones. The standard Times New Roman 12 is widely used since it can be easily read.

  1. Make your opening paragraph attention-grabbing. It likewise sets the tone for the letter. So when writing business letters, make the opening salvo as interesting and compelling to read as possible. Delete unnecessary phrases like “I write to you because…” or “This is with regard to”
  2. When writing letters, go directly to your point. Readers hate beating around the bush. They can get bored easily and stop reading altogether.
  3. In the body, explain the details of what you’ve stated in your opening paragraph.  Use active instead of passive verbs. For instance, instead of writing “this offer is given to you for being a valued customer,” try “we’re giving this offer to you for being a valued customer.”
  4. Lastly, keep your closing paragraph short but strong. When writing business letters, remember that the closing paragraph is the last thing that the readers retain.

Writing letters for your business need not be a lost art. If you are aware of these things, you can transform your e-mails into powerful marketing tools.

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