small business credit cardsSmall business credit cards will give you the extra edge in the business. These credit cards are tailor-fit into meeting the needs of small business owners, from keeping track of records to reducing expenses. It’s time to move from using outright cash in daily expenses to using a more streamlined and documented approach of handling money.

The Benefits of Small Business Credit Cards

Small business credit cards have exclusive benefits related to their function. Generally, the credit cards meet the need for accurate and detailed records –an essential requirement of any small business. Here is a detailed list of the benefits of these credit cards.

  1. Gives You an Efficient Record.

Using small business credit cards has the benefit of leaving you accurate and detailed records of your company’s expenses. The credit card company will automatically provide you with a monthly statement, which would list all business transactions in detail.

This efficient record allows you to track your business conveniently. It can even itemize for you the expenses per employee or per card.

  1. Separates Business Expenses from Personal Expenses.

Another integral benefit of small business credit cards is that they are different from personal credit cards. Using personal credit cards can lead to errors, such as inaccurate reporting and mixing up of expenses. You’d have to spend a large amount of time trying to differentiate personal from business expenses.

Not using small business credit cards is already a form of poor business management, because you’re allowing your personal and business life to mix in an inconvenient manner.

  1. Protects From Human Errors.

There are a lot of human errors involved in dealing with cash or a personal credit card, that you simply would not find if you used small business credit cards.

People can lose receipts, or make reimbursement errors. The tallying and accounting of expenses can also be more prone to errors without credit cards.

  1. Increases Your Productivity and Cost Efficiency.

Simply put, small business credit cards give you more time to analyze expenses, instead of the tedious task of trying to record every expense from the day. That extra time for analysis and accounting can make the difference in cutting costs and adjusting budget. It also leaves you more time for operational tasks for your small business.

Small business credit cards even simplify the process of filing a business income tax. Overall, the credit cards have an immense impact on your productivity.

Features of Small Business Credit Cards

They  have features comparable to regular credit cards: 0% Apr, no annual fees, balance transfer options, cash back, rewards and more. But since these are designed and developed to benefit the small business owner, they have more features. This is because most banks recognize that small businesses usually purchase in bulk, which adds up to big savings.

Most small business credit cards offer a higher credit limit. This means liquid cash flow to make purchases for essential business transactions like travel and supplies. It avoids undercapitalization.

There are also many different kinds to choose from. For example, if your business involves a fleet of cars, getting a card with the most cash back and rewards would be ideal.

Things to Remember

To make your small business credit cards work, always ensure to maintain good credit –after all, sole proprietorship means that the owner will be liable for any defaults associated with the car. Educate yourself about the difference between business credit cards and personal credit cards, and the different types of small business credit cards offered. Apply for the one that will offer the most savings and benefits for your company.

Follow policies. Read the terms and conditions for details on features, penalties, credit limits, defaults and responsibilities. Credit card activities are reported to the main credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and Trans Union.

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