organized writersOrganized writers have a way of doing things in order to get to their writing goals. If you want to be part of this crew and have more time in writing, here are some rules that you must follow.

Organized writers rule#1. Find your own unique and make it work for you.

If you would like to be one of those writers, instead of trying hard to fit and copy the style of those expert writers, you should find your own style first. Try to understand first what kind of writing works best for you. There are many styles out there and you have to explore and try each before you might end up finding what’s best for you. And this style may not just be one style of a writing expert, but actually a combination of expert styles. Do not rush finding the right style for you. It might take you a month or more, but if still feel you haven’t found the right one for you, just keep on looking.

Organized writers rule#2. Focus, focus, focus.

Organized writers know how to concentrate and pay attention to their craft. If you cannot find the time to write because of your busy schedule, then you should pay attention to this rule well.

It would really help if you would know how to prioritize and perform one task at a time only. Do not let yourself be distracted by other things. Visualize in your mind the end product so that you can concentrate only on finishing it. Give it your hundred percent focus and attention.

It is important to focus on one task at a time because when you multitask, there is a big possibility that the quality of the finished products will be compromised. At the same time, there might be a chance that you will not be able to finish any of the tasks you are all doing together, or if ever, they will all move very slowly.

But if you focus on just one project at a time, you can work on it much faster and better. The key is to properly select the right order of the projects on hand that will give you the most optimal results. If you cannot decide on your own, it would help to get the advice of an expert.

Organized writers rule#3. Treat time as an investment.

Organized writers know how to manage their time well. You can do this by investing in your time, just as you invest in your money. Invest in your time by organizing the systems you will use. By managing your time properly from the beginning of your project, you can already estimate how best you can complete it and in a way save on your effort and energy. For example, if you would allot twenty minutes a day, then that would already be a total of an extra hundred twenty hours for the year.

You can also organize a mailing station containing all the equipment you will be needing in sending out orders for your books. You can also organize your weekly schedule of errands so you would remember when to go to the post office to deliver an order. Note that you should also allot time for shipping.

Organized writers rule#4. Turn it into a habit.

As the saying goes, it takes twenty-one days to form a habit. Organized writers get themselves used to the systems they create. If you would like to be part of these writers, you should put your effort into it, say at least three works of hard work, and reap the benefits long term.

Since it would take quite some time before you develop a habit, you can use your phone or your computer to sound an alarm so that you would not forget your specific tasks on hand every day.

Organized writers rule#5. Have the correct tools ready.

Organized writers have the right tools on hand whenever they are needed. These tools would include even those that are manual and not digital, like the retractable ball pens. Whatever tool that you find useful, keep them close at hand. Again, just as mentioned in rule #1, writing styles vary just as tools vary.

For instance, you can actually use PayPal’s printing of shipping labels when you use it for shipping, as it is instantly connected with the US Post Office. That way you save time and energy in sending out CDs.

Organized writers rule#6. Plan ahead.

Organized writers plan ahead, and not organize when the work is already done. Do you find yourself wanting to organize your old invoices and receipts? Do you feel you cannot move on to the next project until you have finished the old ones?

So that you will not end up with regrets or rather not knowing what to do next, it is important that you organize and plan ahead. Look into your life – which parts of it are holding you back from finishing your tasks or life goals? The more you plan ahead, the more it will be easier for you to complete tasks and finish paperwork.

So there you have it, the six rules that these writers follow. Shift your mindset into following these simple rules and find yourself part of the organized writers club in no time.

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