bizopsBizOps may sound like they are the best ways to earn big bucks on a daily basis. However, this is where things get rough. Wake up! This is not a fairytale. Although it offer a lot of convenience, remember that there is no such thing as earning money while you sleep and not doing anything. Even passive income needs to be monitored.

Yes, there may be a few people who have ventured into BizOps and indeed made a lot of money. This is not to discourage you or anything. This is simply a warning that you must know what kind you are jumping into.

Here is the usual scenario if you simply jumped into the bandwagon known as BizOps. They will offer you an awesome business opportunity telling you that you do not need to do anything. You simply have to buy their product and all will be well. So you bought it, and then your business failed. First thing that will come into your mind is that BizOps is such a big scam. Was it really a scam? Or, were you simply not vigilant when you signed in to it?

In short, it is a scheme that delivers a business system, training, equipment, and other things to start with a business. They provide no ongoing royalty payment. Moreover, BizOps do not invest themselves on the success of your business. They simply give you everything you need to start, and then, you are on your own. It does not provide for marketing and operational support as well. When you buy from them, you will have the complete freedom of your business thereafter.

How do BizOps differ from franchises?

Bizops is totally different from franchises in three things: support, exclusivity, and fees. In the latter, the franchisee receives training, marketing and support. A franchisee is also limited to the products of the franchisor, and is usually charged of a higher fee. In a BizOps, you do not receive anything but the business system itself but you are charged at a lower fee than that of a franchise.

How to determine if BizOps are legitimate?

Not all are legitimate. Some are really just a scam. Hence, in order not to be scammed, you have to know the status before you buy into their advertising schemes. Here are a few tips on how to not be a victim of a scammer.

  • Do your research.

You surely have an internet, use it to your advantage. Research the opportunity and industry offered by bizops.

  • Check out, FranchiseZone, BizOpp Zone, and Better Business Bureau websites to know if the BizOp is legitimate.

These sites usually list the names of legitimate ones.

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