having a new jobHaving a new job is actually both exciting and scary at the same time. It was once a dream job, and then an excruciating interview where you had to put your best foot forward. And then it’s yours. Having new work is now within your reach. You are excited to post on social media about your excitement of having a new job.

And then the day has come when a new job has become the day when you start at work. From first day and then first week and then your first month has passed. And then suddenly you are thinking if a new job is really worth it. The excitement from having a new job is slowly turning into a big challenge.

Is all this worth having a new job

The moment you feel like your dream job is turning into a nightmare, you begin to question if all this is worth having a new work. Suddenly you are thinking if you cannot last long, and how long you can take it. To help you decide if it is worth having a new job and if it is worth staying, here are the questions that you should go through with yourself before making that important decision.

In a state of confusion, you wonder what you should do. Stick it out? For how long? Leave? Then what? The decision to stay or leave a new job is a personal one, with no right or wrong answer, as everyone’s situation is unique. And most people, at one time or another, have been faced with this dilemma. To help you think through your next move and determine what’s right for you, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

Questions to ask yourself on having a new job

1) Having a new job and the new experience

Are you having second thoughts because of the all new experiences? Probably because in your previous job you were in the job for too long that you were already in your comfort zone. In having a new job though you have to go back to zero – new people, new office, new rules, and new environment. This is all part of it. Sooner or later you will get a hang of it and then the new will not be new anymore. If you cannot get over the newness factor, it’s a different story though.

2) Having a new job and a new boss

During your interview perhaps you were made to believe that your boss is so nice and so awesome and that you’ll be having a great time. But when you’re already into the new job, you discover his true colors. Your boss or your immediate supervisor will greatly affect your day-to-day life at the workplace, so if it is about him that you cannot take, then you can consider looking for another job.

3) Having a new job and a new organizational structure

Each workplace is unique when it comes to the organizational structure. Politics in the workplace is not something new. It cannot be avoided. If you are in the middle of too much goings-on and you feel you cannot stomach the politics anymore, it would be better if you would just leave. Not everyone can handle office politics work. If you are tough enough and you feel staying is worth it, then do.

4) Having a new job and the new learning

On the other hand, consider those things that will make you stay. Do you have better mentoring in this new job? Do have better options for career growth? Do you have better chances to earn opportunities? Are you more exposed to new kinds of technologies and systems? Can you use this experience in this new job to propel you to a better career further down the road? If you can ignore all the negatives and see all these learning and opportunities have more weight, then it is better for sure to stay put.

5) Having a new job but not what you were told

Is it because your expectations from your interview of the job scope was not met? Are they asking too much of your time and or demanding more effort than you have expected? If you can still talk and negotiate with your immediate supervisor about this, better if you can talk it out first. But if you feel that the load and effort is taking too much toll on you, and it was not what you were told, then it’s time to reconsider.

These questions should help guide you in weighing your options. Remember it is not that easy to arrive where you are. But if having a new job as what you have right now is not worth all the negatives, then you can start making that move. Take note also if you can afford to be unemployed for a while and income-less as you look for another job. Take note how long it will take you to find a new one as well. It would also be better to consult mentors and colleagues and friends that you feel can help you in your dilemma. Having a new job is a prize but switching from one to another is the difficult move that you have to decide and think over well enough.

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