sensational contentSensational content is easier to find nowadays. A long time ago, Napoleon Hill created a famous manuscript about building wealth. It was all set and ready for publication, but there was no title.

Angry, his publisher called him and told him that if his sensational content will not have any title the next day morning that he will call the book “Use Your Noodle and Make a Boodle.” So Napoleon Hill tried playing with words and thinking of attractive titles, until he came up with the perfect title compatible with his amazing and sensational content. This classic title is “Think and Grow Rich.”

If you haven’t tried reading this type of content, you’re probably missing out because it has been one of the best-selling books of all time. I believe that the great title must have added to its success.

Don’t get me wrong, this book does not only have a creative title, it also has powerful and beautifully written sensational content. Should the title have been “Use Your Noodle and Make a Boodle”, I doubt that it would be a best seller. Would you have bought this book? Probably, just like me, you would not have.

The thing is, no matter how great the sensational content is, the first impression really depends one thing: the book title. This is best exemplified by the many books throughout history, written and published with astonishing content, but ended unsuccessful. That is, until they decided to publish it under a different title.

The fact is various best-selling authors have opted to change the title of their books only after finding out that the very first copies of their book was not selling well.

It truly shows that the best books not only have the most sensational content, but also has the most mesmerizing and eye-catching titles.

This is not to say that you should just write distasteful content and just combine it with an enchanting title to earn millions, though sadly, these kinds of books do exist. I’m just saying that if you want to make a best-selling book, you not only have to think of a remarkable and sensational content, but you also have to take time to come up with a catchy and well thought out title for you book to increase the book’s amazing selling potential.

How to come up with a Creative Title for your Sensational Content

So where can you find a great title? To that, there’s actually a simple solution. Look into other best-selling books like the ones you find in Barnes and Noble or You’ll be surprised of how easy it is to come up with an inspiring title for you book.

Let’s look at Jason Oman and Mike Litman as our example. When they had to publish their popular book, they looked into great book titles and found “Conversations with God.” They found this title really captivating, and used it to name their book “Conversations with Millionaires.” Their book topped the charts of in no time.

Aside from these books, you can also try checking great titles in the tabloids of the checkout isles. Take note that these magazines and written articles weren’t just distributed and sold for their sensational content, but for their creatively crafted titles, that any person would be interested to read.

If, by now, you were able to come up with a great and compelling title, you then have to think about a fantastically written sensational content to match that title.

Where to Look for Inspirational and Sensational Content

If you look into the past, you’ll be surprised of how easier it is now to find this type of content for your book. Before, writers have to endure several experiences and read dozens of books to come up with really enchanting books, now finding great and sensational content is just a click away.

Try going to for instance; you’ll be pleasantly surprised of how this search engine can help you tap into a big pool of resources. Go to Google’s search bar and type the keyword allinurl and insert the key phrase for your desired book content. For example, if I want to find researches and articles about white tigers, my search bar would look like this: allinurl: white tigers.

By applying this method of research you’ll easily be able to find sensational content for your book. If you are organized enough in finding just the right kind of information you will be able to collect sufficient data to achieve astonishingly sensational type of content.

Remember: don’t just use these contents right away, because after you finish collecting these information you also have options that will definitely add depth to your book. A good option would be to seek insights from experts, or simply ask them if you could use their content as part of your book. But, if you want a really hands-on approach, you can simply follow the outline you’ve planned for yourself.

Writing a book, especially one that has amazing and sensational content and title can be very difficult. Once you find the right places to look for inspiration, such as bookstores, and even the internet, you will be able to realize that the goal of being a best-selling author is just within arm’s reach.

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