selling yourselfSelling yourself short is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make when applying for a job. Sometimes, people can be the worst salesmen of their own skills and talents. Whether it’s because of misplaced modesty or fears that our employers will find someone else, we tend to accept less than what we are worth. Selling yourself short gets you on the losing end—doing twice the work for minimal pay.

When applying for a new job, sell yourself during the interview. This is the best place to build yourself up and show your potential employers what you’re made of. Do it by highlighting your knowledge and abilities should produce the best end result possible. That is, they should feel that they will be missing out on exceptional talent if they hire someone else.

Some tips for selling yourself during a job interview

Selling yourself is not that complicated. You just have to come in prepared with your personal brand cemented and radiating out of you. It’s kind of like a marketing pitch, but this time, it’s for your own self!

Here are some tips that you might find useful for selling yourself. Follow these to nail your interview and impress your potential employer!

  • Dress professionally

When you sell yourself, it’s important that you dress for success. Your clothes can say a lot about you. Make the right impression and dress as if you’re the CEO.

  • Do your homework

Research about the company and make it a point to know at least its background. When selling yourself, you can impress your interviewer by asking questions about the company or making comments about company news and press releases.

  • Ask questions

Most interviewers never speak up during job interviews except when answering the interviewer’s questions. Don’t make this mistake when you are selling yourself. Show them your interest in the company and the job by asking about the company culture, the position you’re applying for, or any other question relevant to the company.

  • Bring work samples

If applicable, bring a sample portfolio of your works in the past and don’t be afraid to share it with the interviewer. When selling yourself, a picture can speak a million words.

  • Punctuality is golden

When you sell yourself, it’s important to be ahead of schedule. Remember: it’s better to be 3 hours early than 3 minutes late. You might as well say goodbye to the job opportunity if you can’t come on time.

  • Follow up

Lastly, follow up after the interview. Sitting around waiting for a letter or call is unproductive. You can either send a follow up letter expressing just how interested you are in the job or you can also make a call if you haven’t heard from them in a week. Really, you have nothing to lose.

Pay attention to how you’re selling yourself and take some time to perfect it. It could be the golden ticket you need to advance your career. Always remember to never commit the crime and sell yourself short!

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