By selling ad space,  your newspaper publisher is able to make some money. The process seems simple. They produce copies, deliver, and then make money. But what you’re not aware of is they get you those copies. Well, the newspaper publisher goes through a long and tiring method. This includes hiring employees such as writers and reporters. Other staff are hired to take care of the artistic and creative layout and content.  More manpower is needed to deliver the newspapers and agents. They make sure the deliveries are done on time.

selling ad space
selling ad space

Aside from the investment of hiring staff, a publication needs to invest in its operations and production. Heavy machinery is a must for printing and of course, a whole lot of paper supply for printing the newspaper, daily. A huge deal of money and effort are also shed out in the process.

So, will all the investment and funds spent throughout the whole process, how do newspaper publishers make money? The secret is selling ad space.

I’m sure you’ve seen several pages of advertisements in between the layout of your newspaper. Selling ad space is not only profitable for the publishers. It is also beneficial for advertisers. Though this has a fee, the advertisers pay this premium. Then they get leverage for all their advertising efforts through the attention from the readers. Selling ad space and earning from them don’t only work with newspapers, also newsletters and other publications.

The Role of Mailing Lists in Selling Ad Space

Mailing lists usually play around the thousand mark and advertisers would target those with more than a thousand. Better are those which hit 5,000. The higher the mailing list for each publication, the more prospective advertisers will buy ad space from you. Selling ad space at a rate of nearly $10 per ad will surely gain you enough revenue and even profit for every issue you deliver.

Selling ad space is definitely a tactic you can use. Let’s face it, truth is, the need for people to advertise will never end. This benefits advertisers of business, products, or services in any industry. Ad space will always be needed and bought thus, giving you more opportunity for profit.