selling a bookSelling a book is a tricky and complicated job every author must face after the publishing process. That is why despite there were millions of books that have been published worldwide, only a number of stories became bestsellers. Some books even flopped months after their set launch. As a result, the production of these unpopular books stopped and only few copies were left unattended in the market.

In reality, only few books have sparked a trend in the market. The more compelling the other books become, the less desirable your book gets. What do you have to do if this becomes the case? Be alarmed and take the necessary actions in selling a book. Take time to strategize, plan, and act.

Is Selling a Book Possible with a a Low-Budget Writer?

You must be willing to take extra miles and engage in a handful of risks before you even sell. You also have to invest on efficient promotional methods and marketing strategies to drag in your target readers. And lastly, you have to keep the public active in talking about your book. These and more require money, time, and dedication.

To learn more about the ways in which you can attain success in selling a book, here are some tips.

1.       Make your story stick.

Selling books should not come superficially. It must always start within the story of the book. Selling books must not overthrow artistic integrity but should always aim to strengthen it with stories that could make people swoon and buy. As a writer, it is your responsibility to satisfy your readers with compelling stories that are worth treasuring. Do not let business purposes put a gap between your story and the readers. Make your book appear as if it is a part of their whole being. Through this way, it would be harder for them to move on with their lives without purchasing your book.

Make sure that your story is unforgettable and haunting. This will make the readers refer it to their friends and acquaintances. Your market becomes wider without you making any further actions besides creating perfectly relatable and interesting stories. If you think only certain subject matters or topics could work, you are wrong. Even morbid plots and terrifying concepts can take the center stage of sales. It all depends on your style, writing technique, and delivery.

2.       Shift from being an author to being a salesman.

Sales talk does not only happen while you are directly selling a book to the public. It can also occur inside your story. You can promote while your characters are having their monologues or during a calm conversation between the figures in the story. The best marketing approach for a book is the one done subtly yet with great impact. If you cannot spit your marketing intentions right on their faces, let your book do the job.

Your story must always exhibit your incomparable confidence, strong principles, and your admirable technique in writing. Let your character and skills persuade your readers. People are attracted to books that carry their authors’ sturdy and strong beliefs. Always remember that well-financed promotional strategies are not enough to cover the author’s empty words. People grow smarter each day. They are now after the content than mere marketing. If it is your confidence and wit they are looking for in order to make a purchase, then give it to them.

3.       Create your personal followers who will spread the news.

Selling a book needs constant companions. Word of mouth grows in the midst of loyal followers and believers of your book. Once your book reached the consciousness of a certain group, they will surely talk about it endlessly until another person hears their personal review. A referral coming from a satisfied reader can spread like a wildfire in the circle of other groups.

Even though they are small, they are very potent in magnifying your book’s popularity. They can go to greater heights just so they could say to the world how satisfied they are upon reading your book. They will not sleep until the lost drop of your book’s magnificence is relayed to a friend. If you have found a group with such love for your masterpieces, make sure to keep them. They could be the greatest friends and supporters you will ever find in your journey of selling a book.

If you are slightly incompetent in marketing your book, then do the promotional attack while you are writing. In writing your book, always think of the factors that could make your stories appealing. You must always aim to write books that are highly sellable without you even promoting it.

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