self publishing ebookSelf publishing eBook is the newest trend in the literary world. As the word states, it pertains to publishing an author’s book in an electronic format. The trend is that it makes the distribution of the book much easier. The cost and time in printing will be lessen.

Self publishing eBook format is mostly being used by new authors. These authors want to take advantage of its benefits. However, this is also slowly being utilized by the big names in the industry. Those who want to be in-tune with the advancements. Case in point, the “horror genre king”, Stephen King. He published his book “Riding the Bullet” in an eBook format.

With the steady popularity that self publishing eBook is slowly getting, distribution giants like Barns and Nobel and had experienced a slowdown in their servers. This is due to the number of people who are downloading and purchasing in their website.

These are two distribution giants. But there several self publishing eBook companies popping up like mushrooms. They are joining the bandwagon. One of them is EBook Architect. It helps authors sell their books online.

You can get the services of eBook companies. Meanwhile, another option is by establishing their own self publishing eBook company. They build one that is specific to his needs.

Here are the ways authors can build their own company.

Self publishing eBook tips for success

1. Recognize the power of the self publishing an eBook.

There is increasing success and popularity of eBook. However, there are still authors who are hesitant to join the eBook caravan.

In opposition to the traditional publication, self publishing eBook has the power to easily connect with its target audience. It uses online marketing without having the cost of a traditional promotion. In doing promotion, you just need a solid marketing plan. This’ll get the attention of your audience. Of course, you need to ensure of the quality of your eBook. This will get people truly hooked with your book. Get positive responses regarding your eBook. Then you have already won the battle.

2. Set up your own self publishing eBook.

Establishing your own company is much easier. Thanks to websites like EBay,, and They permit the publication of eBook on their website servers.

Likewise, in setting up of your own self publishing eBook company you need not be a technology wizard. Just strictly follow the directions in setting up an eBook. And you’re on your way to success.

3. It is a profitable venture with less cost.

Creating one is relatively cheaper than the traditional publication of books. Unlike traditional publication, the great thing about self publishing eBook is that authors can keep all the profits of their book. They don’t have to pay a percentage of commission to the publication houses.

In terms of advantages in the number of pages, an eBook can create unlimited number of copies of the book for free. This is unlike in traditional publication. In the latter, 200 copies of book will cost $1500.

With the above examples, it is easy to see that going the self publishing eBook route make a lot of sense. This is especially true for first time authors. The risk associated with publishing this type of eBook is much lower. That’s compared to distributing a soft or hard cover book. The benefits of using a self publishing eBook format are also endless. It is profitable. You have fewer expenses on your end. Finally, establishment of such do not need the services of software engineers.

Truly, the advantages are endless. Hence, all authors should consider the use of self publishing eBook.

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