graphic designersGraphic designers are invaluable for businesses that rely on visual ads for revenue-generation. Still, many end up with a low pay check. Worse, some become literally jobless. As the competition heats up even more, it’s hard for budding graphic designers to make it out there.03

If you are among those who have scant contracts under your nose, it’s time to think things over. A change in career is, however, not the solution. The solution is to fix whatever is wrong with you and start over again.

Qualities Customers are looking for graphic designers

As long as you don’t discover what’s probably wrong with you, you will never get the problem fixed. The first step for you to bounce back to business is to recognize why you fail in the first place. Here are more definite things graphic designers like you should ponder upon:

  1. 1. Have you smiled lately?

Are you too bothered by your meager income that you cannot force a smile even towards a client? If you answer yes to this question, you better get your act together! Start forming a curve on your lips and smile. Do this before you eventually run out of clients, even your most loyal ones. Who knows? A random smile to a total stranger can get you a business deal? After all, it is not such a hard thing to do. If you frown all day, you’ll antagonize people. Instead of attracting potential customers, you will attract negativity. Graphic designers are meant to be cool, friendly and warm people. These designers must project an aura of friendliness and reliability.

  1. Have you ever showed gratitude to your loyal customers?

If your loyal clients had stopped seeing you, it’s probably because they find better graphic designers. They probably found designers who are not hard on money. There are designers out there willing to give them a small treat whenever they visit. There are those who can offer them a snack on a coffee on a lazy afternoon. There are graphic designers ready to give discounts just because their clients have kept on returning. Think of these things. If you are one such graphic designer, can your loyal clients afford to leave you? Probably not.

  1. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror recently?

Graphic designers, like any other professionals, must appear classy. They must exude sophistication to give off the impression of credibility. Do you have good personal hygiene? Have you ever checked on your personal styling? Evaluate yourself and find out if there’s something in you that turns off your supposed-to-be customers. Do you smell good? Do you look fresh? Do you carry a vibrant mood around you? Even these things count if you mean to beat the rest of graphic designers out there.

  1. Do you do brainstorming frequently?

Good ones never run out of creative ideas. Their best asset is their ability to keep innovative ideas flowing. If you want to stand out from other designers, you should brainstorm more often.

  1. 5. Are your subordinates working as passionately as they should?

If you have subordinates working with you, evaluate whether they’re doing their tasks diligently. By now, you should be able to spot who are your assets and who are not. Just like in selecting fruits, keep the fresh and throw away the rotten. Sounds harsh? Not if it’s your whole life that is on the line. Successful graphic designers thrive in the business because they have a great team working with them. You should invest in efficient subordinates. Treat them well to make them stay. Great subordinates translate to great performance at work. Efficiency at work means higher potential to earn.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll surely reap the rewards. Before you notice it, you are back to the limelight and earning bucks of money!

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