successful booksSuccessful books are not created overnight. Success in selling a book involves three steps: First is the writing of the book, followed by printing the book, and last but not the least, selling it. The third and final one is supposed to be the most difficult and tricky one. As a published author, you cannot just sit around and do nothing, and expect your book to sell hot like pancakes. So here are some simple steps you should undertake to help to turn your published books to successful books.

Easy Steps toward Successful Books

1. Defining your target market leads to success.

First and foremost, it is crucial to identify your book’s readers or target audience. Because admittedly, you cannot please everyone, and not everyone in reality would like to buy your book. After your launch you will be given early feedback on who are buying and reading your book. When you already know who your audience is, research and focus on how you can best reach these set of people.

Authors with successful books also set goals. Without goals, how will you know what steps to do next, and how will you know if you have succeeded? To arrive at success is not done overnight but actually a long process, and this would need consistent and persistent steps. Each small step contributes to bigger things.

Authors with successful books also are persistent and persevere. They do not give up easily. Expect some bad days that will lead you to almost give up, but these should inspire you to go on further. Don’t give up! There was a time I was about to give up already when a window of opportunity opened up for me. I chanced upon a distributing company agent who was distributing to the market that I was targeting. After they have reviewed my book, and gladly liked it, they put it up on the recommended reading list. After that, it had undergone eight printings already and 100,000 copies sold. It was even translated to various languages and then purchased by a large publishing company. And so it landed on a successful books list.

I highly recommend that you devote some of your precious time to determine your target audience, plot your goals, and commit to act on this goal each and every day. Remember that there are various ways of selling your books, not just through bookstores.

2. Giving it away to the right people eventually leads to successful books

Believe it or not, your book may be the best business card you ever had. And just like a business card, hand it out to important people, especially those that may lead you closer to your target audience. What I did is send out copies of my book to presidents of various direct selling companies. The effect was a highly favorable testimonial from one of the presidents, together with a 250-piece book order. And it only cost me 20 books to give away. I’d like to think I invested in those 20 books. And the return on investment was really well. Taking risks is part of the path towards successful books.

Authors of successful work are risk-takers and good in networking. Other coaches and professional speakers also voluntarily give away their books costing $12, but in return attracting clients and bookings worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

The road to successful books may not be easy but following these simple steps can help fast track your way towards that goal. If you would like a FREE e-book of “Successful Self-Publishing,” visit

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