search engine copywritingSearch engine copywriting is one of the most popular and effective methods of online marketing.  It involves using certain keywords in your copywriting to boost your page’s rankings in search engines.  Therefore, it’s easy and natural to fixate on search engines in search engine copywriting.

However, search engines are only half of SEO copywriting.  Good copywriting is equally important.  It’s what will grab your site visitors and make them stay.  Therefore, being able to produce eye-catching copy which appeals to search engines is how you can use search engine copywriting to go beyond the search engines.

How keywords work

What did we do before keywords, search engines and copywriting?  Believe it or not, many people may have the answer to this.  Remember, searching for things on the Internet can still be considered to be a relatively new practice.

In fact, most Generation Y individuals can remember using telephone books to search for something that they need.  In order to look in the right place of the telephone book (which has thousands of pages), one would need to look up a particular term and then flip to the corresponding letter to find it.  If you come across something like a newspaper insert that features that particular term or even shows a picture of it, it will make the lightbulb turn on in your head.

Therefore, the idea behind keywords came long before the days of the Internet, for this is how keywords and search engines work.  They are made by humans – it wasn’t the search engines that made up the term, it was whatever the person doing the search decided to type in.  After awhile, many people started using the same keywords and made them popular.  Search engine copywriting understands and uses this notion – by knowing the exact and popular phrases that are being used in search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, you can use these phrases in your copy.

Going beyond search engines in search engine copywriting

That being said, it is so important to use keywords wisely in search engine copywriting.  A bad habit a number of those who utilize SEO copywriting has is not being relevant.  To go back to our pre-Internet days, if you wanted to sell something through an advertisement then you would most likely use the name of the thing that you’re selling in the headline.  It just makes sense to do that – it sums up what you’re selling so whoever is looking for it can easily get it and be attracted to what you’re selling.  Therefore, good search engine copywriting has be relevant.

Surprisingly, this basic principle is lost on a few of those in SEO copywriting.  When you become too fixated on search engines rather than making good copy for your visitors, your site visitors get easily lost, confused and frustrated.  They have been led to your site because the search engine has told them that your site has what they are looking for, but they are proven wrong when keywords are shoved into copy just for the sake of getting a better ranking in search engines.     This type of bad search engine copywriting is a lose-lose situation for you and the site visitor as they will just quickly leave your site and you will probably look unintelligent.

Importance of keywords online and offline

Yes, keywords are extremely important in search engine copywriting.  However, it’s important in any type of copywriting.  Without the existence of search engine optimization, you would still rely heavily on keywords to guide your readers through your copy.  You will often find keywords in the headline of the copy to introduce the topic to your readers.  You will find them in subheadings, because some people don’t have time to read an entire article so they will just scan the subheadings.  Of course, if it’s in the title and subheadings, then it will most certainly be in the body of your copy or else it won’t make sense.

Therefore, going beyond search engines in search engine copywriting may sound silly, but it will do you good in the long run.  It makes you more authentic to your visitors and applauded by search engines.  The best thing to do when copywriting is to change your mindset and forget the search engines – pretend that they don’t exist and just write the way that you would write.  You will find that the keywords that you should use will naturally be used, so don’t forget that good search engine copywriting asks you to go beyond the search engines.

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