scholarly articlesScholarly articles are not too hard to find. Some come at a price while others are offered for free. However, not because a particular document appears like such means it is a scholarly article. There are website owners who pose their documents as scholarly articles to drive gullible and unsuspecting users into visiting their websites and generating revenue from them. It is because of these kinds of misrepresentations why you must be vigilant when searching online. Do not simply look at how a document is formatted. Check out the substance and manner of writing as well.

What scholarly articles are

Scholarly articles are those articles or studies conducted and published by academicians or professional organizations. These articles are often subscribed to by scholars and university libraries.

They are not easily produced. Each undergoes a specific process and are conducted within a specific time frame. Before these articles are published, they are reviewed and must be accepted by scholars in a particular field. The panels which scrutinize scholarly articles look for merit, research value, and accuracy of the study. Once the articles pass scrutiny, they will be branded by the academic world as authentic. Authentic articles are highly credible materials.

Pointers in spotting scholarly articles online

Finding scholarly articles can be a daunting task if you do not know how to spot a good and reliable one. Here are some characteristics you have to look for when checking whether a document is academic or not.

First thing you have to check is the manner scholarly articles are written. An academic article extensively explains the methodology of the research and each result. It also lists the footnotes and other references used in coming up with the conclusion. Methodology is often organized as Chapter III while footnotes can be seen in every page.

Second thing you have to check is the overall structure. Genuine scholarly articles have a specific structure with different sections. These sections include abstract, introduction, review of related literature, and conclusion.

Third thing you must check is the substantial support or evidence behind the article. Scholarly articles are often supported with graphs, photographs, and statistics.

Techniques in using Google Scholar to search for scholarly articles

You can always search for them through Google. Unknown to many, though, Google has a feature called Google Scholar which limits your searches to scholarly articles. Here are a few ways to search through Google Scholar easily.

  • Phrase search

Like how you ordinarily search in Google, just type in the phrase you want to search about. If you want to search for specific phrases, simply put them in quotation marks like this: “Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura”.

  • Title search

If you know the title, or part of it, of the scholarly articles you want to read, use the operator “in the title of the article option”. You can locate it by pressing the drop down menu on the right side of the search box.

  • Author search

If you know who the author of the work is, simply search for the author’s name in the same drop down menu mentioned above.

There are other ways to find scholarly articles online. You can check out individual websites of widely known publishers. You can also visit websites of universities, governments, non-governmental organizations, and the United Nation’s organizations.

These articles are not hard to find. You simply have to know where and how to search for them online. Whichever websites you want to visit, just remember that any academic article can be easily and effortlessly spotted using the pointers above.

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