rule of threeRule of three is one of the easiest things to remember, but it will make your life so much easier when you are trying to impart knowledge on other people. This is based on a very simple concept, but when you hear about the rationale behind it, I can guarantee that you will be having a great time the next time you start sharing what you know with others. The rule of three dictates one simple rule: teach three things, and don’t try to say anymore. Stick to the rule and you will see that the people you are teaching will be able to retain more of what you are trying to say.

Our faults and preferences assisted by the rule of three

The rule of three gives us satisfaction in two important ways that we humans like to function. First of all, our visual satisfaction tends to rely on things that are oddly numbered. They are interesting for us, and so they are enjoyable to look at. We want to see them over flower bouquets of fours, or even balloons of sixes, because it is much more fun to stare at a bouquet of three or five. Second, the rule of three helps us remember. People will remember one thing with ease, because it is a small number and is a small amount of information. If there are two things, that can also work. But the ruledictates the limit. Going over the rule of three means that you have passed the ability of people to easily remember what you have to say, and so the things you say will start going in one ear and out the other.

Learning the rule of three through baseball

Learning the rule was a sport occurrence. To teach a group of young kids, it was easier to use the rule of three because then they will remember what is important. So instead of telling them a number of different rules and things to think about while playing, I gave them three things to remember. The first was that they had to make sure they don’t move around in the batting box, so we always said the word “roots” to remind them to root themselves to the ground. Next I would remind them to “watch” the ball, so that they would be able to hit it. Finally, we would all shout that they should “run” when they hit the ball. Because of the rule of three, the kids only had to remember three easy words to play well: roots, watch, and run.

Using the rule of three in business

The rule can be very helpful in the corporate world, and when speaking to an audience in general. It can be used in an easy method to help make your work even better. Use the rule of three when you’re speaking by choosing three specific points that you can easily relate to them. If your audience can connect each point to a certain object or event that is important to them, they will remember it even more. You should also try to repeat your rule of three points. If you repeat your message and stay consistent with it, your audience will be more responsive with your speech.

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