Email list is that valuable database that consists of email addresses owned by people you want to receive your ezines or promos. You have probably exerted some effort compiling your email list. You might have even hired someone to gather them as quick as possible. But are you really ready to use them? Are you really ready to maximize your email list?

The Need to Treat your Email List Right email list

Clearly, you have worked hard for you to get a good number of subscribers. You surely don’t want to do anything to give them a reason to unsubscribe. Worst, you don’t want them to block you off their email and report you as a spammer.

While there is a tendency for emails from internet marketers to be filtered, you should still make sure to take good care of your mailing list. The good thing about opt-in lists is that you already have people who know about you. These people already subscribed to your ezine. They are somehow already interested in what you have to share.  Because of this, you should make sure that your mailing list is manageable and clean.

Things to Avoid When Using your Email List

There are many things that you can do to maximize the use of our email list. But here are the things that you SHOULD NOT do to avoid subscribers from bidding good bye to you and to your product. As much as possible, avoid doing these things.

1. Not including unsubscribe feature in your site and emails. Or you may also be not taking unsubscribe requests seriously. When someone from list requests not to be included in the mailing list anymore, take it seriously. If they wish to unsubscribe but you don’t take action, you may end up in their spam folder. If you continue to send unwanted newsletters, they may report you as a spammer. Websites may penalize you. Search engines might not look at you in a good light. They may even blacklist you. When this happens, expect a huge decline in your mailing list. Consequently, you get less visitors to your site and low potential to sell.

2. Sending pornography-related files. Are you even sure about the age of your reader? Shocking, pornographic, disturbing and irrelevant content are the last things that your subscribers want to receive from you. Make sure to only send relevant information or files to your readers. Don’t even think of sending your opinions on controversial issues. The main goal of all this is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with your subscribers and preserve your mailing list.

3. Not managing your lists correctly. Another important way to keep your subscribers’ list clean and manageable is to remove the ones that do not work. In other words, do you have receive notifications that some emails your sent have bounced? If yes, it’s time to clean up your email list. Undelivered messages or bounced emails are reported immediately by your email provider. Make sure to check the email addresses you have. You might have some that are misspelled. Some inboxes may already be full. To make sure you receive an accurate report for your email marketing campaigns, it’s best to send your emails only to those who will really receive your newsletter or ezine.

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