Free article directories, if you haven’t heard yet, do exist. There are a few webmasters who obtain articles through free content free article directoriesdirectories. Through these articles, they attract visitors to go to their site which then gains them profit. Those who engage in this practice are the ones who are still starting out as affiliates for other companies. However, they don’t have enough funding yet to build niche sites.

Why Go for Free Article Directories?

If you don’t have enough budget yet, it is best not to bank on this method. It may have worked for others. However, it still does not a guarantee that your site will be built effectively nor gain revenue. The following are possible reasons why you need to think twice before engaging in this strategy. It might just not work for you.

  • Search Engine Rankings

To rank in search engines you need to have unique content. If you opt to use free article directories, then there is a chance you won’t rank on search engines. Duplicated content will only leave you with a low ranking.

If you rank high on search engines then you will get people to visit your site and find the affiliate links to provide income for you. You should first prioritize search engine optimization to make sure you get enough traffic in your website.

  • Convincing people to click

Apart from trying to rank on search engines, another challenge is for you to convince your visitors to make press on the affiliate links.

Another downside of using free content from directories will be lack of authority for the readers. If the visitors realize that you’re content has been used on several websites, you lose credibility. It may seem you’re not really an expert which makes them think twice of clicking through. Your product recommendations will not be seen as expert opinion,

  • Rules on Author Bylines

There are certain rules from using free content directories with regards to author bylines. The article won’t be allowed to be used if you do not leave the author byline.

When someone is on your website and reads through articles, a click at the end will most likely be to the original author through the author byline link. They will not click on your affiliate links. This is the primary reason why some authors submit articles on free article directories to gain exposure of their name and link. Again, this will not gain you any profit even if you have a lot of visitors.

Choosing to get articles from free article directories makes generating revenue a challenge because of the above mentioned problems. You still have to invest in having original content if you have a budget or start writing your own content to make sure you attract traffic and gain profit.

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