internet advertising consultantInternet advertising consultant is not much different from a friend who is always there for you when you’re down and out. I like being a consultant because it helps me patch up rocky relationships. And that’s basically what an internet ad consultant does.

A day in the life of an internet advertising consultant

To get started helping these people out, I usually sit up straight, focus my eyes on them, and pretend to be eagerly listening. Don’t get me wrong—I really do listen. As an internet advertising consultant, of course you have to know the general theme of the problem. When they’re finally done ranting and enumerating all their problems, my work then begins.

What’s great about being an advertising consultant is that there are no strict professional requirements. The only thing I need? Clients who are desperate enough to ask for my help. I have to admit that there are times I talk about topics of which I am inexperienced. This is probably the main reason why I cannot make it my sole job because it will not be able to feed my family or myself.

Now I’m not saying that every internet advertising consultant you meet is like me. There are those individuals who are probably indispensable assets to the firms they’re working for. Or there are also some who make a great contribution to the economy. Being said, I will not disparage anyone’s profession in any way simply for two reasons. I’m actually a nice guy and I would never set myself up for a debate where I don’t have any kind of defense.

The problem with some internet advertising consultant

What I will rant about and criticize is this one internet advertising consultant who wrote a piece on being one. There is one (or two) points he made that really irked me as a consultant myself. He/she says that to be an advertising consultant, one must be able to conquer two hurdles: experience with professional advertising and internet knowledge.

It may not seem like a good enough reason to be irritated about, but let me explain. First, it’s offensive that to me, a quasi- consultant, that the skills and tools necessary in this business is downplayed. Second, it seems to me as if this individual is taking advantage of the hopes of some people in finding a career where they can garner personal and professional success.

In contrast to his views, the main reason why I’m finding success as an internet advertising consultant is because I’m not just after the monetary rewards. My down-and-out friends (also known as my clients) realize that I enjoy being a consultant because I help them. Yes, most of it is because I enjoy listening to their woes and it gives me an opportunity to give them outrageous solutions hoping that they will heed it. It may seem silly but in the end, at least I’m not fattening up my pockets preying on other people’s hopes and dreams.

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