real estate investingReal estate investing is your key to success. If you want to change your life in the coming year, this is the key to realize your financial goals within the next 12 month. Read on to understand the easiest way to start learning about real estate investing.


Real estate investing tip: give up the TV


Many people who want to change their financial landscape have a lot of excuses. They don’t have the time, they say. They do not have the financial know-how. Or they do not know how to start. Still, others say real estate investing is difficult to learn and understand.


Looking to get started with investing in real estate? Looking to reach your financial goals? Here’s the thing to do: turn off your TV. Watching the television costs you tens of thousands of dollars per year, that is if you are like most Americans who tune in to TV or watch movies for 1-3 hours a day. The average American buys TV, which costs many times more than the cost of the set per year in opportunity loss.


A prominent person involved in real estate investing can make extra $10,000 – $50,000 per year on a mere 10 hours a week by rehabbing real estate. For instance, you spend mere 1.5 hours a day on weekdays and 2.5 hours on TV on weekends, that’s 12 and a half hours a week. Imagine if you give that up, imagine how many hours you have mastering the techniques of real estate investing. If you choose to give up TV time on weekdays, you still have 2.5 hours on weekends for TV and 10 hours a week to devote your time to an investing career.


If you choose to give up TV time, what are you going to do with the hours that you gave up? Get the knowledge that you need to get started with real estate investing. Imagine how many books and courses you can finish reading if you honestly devote 10 hours a week learning the tricks of investing. Investing on real estate is not rocket science but a process that must be learned. You must really devote time and effort in learning about this.


For those who don’t watch TV that much, examine your habits to determine where you are spending most of your time. Do you surf the net for hours, looking at social networking sites? Do you spend time chatting with friends? Do you sleep 12 hours a day? Often, there are things that you do that do not contribute to your productivity. These are things that won’t get you started with real estate investing. Choose to give up those habits.


Real estate investing: learning the tricks of the trade


Giving up TV time is not that difficult. It will allow you to have plenty of time learning about investing in real estate.


Is TV really important to you? Here’s one test to determine: Let’s say somebody knocks on the door and waves ten thousand dollars in front of your face. All you have to do is to give that person your TV for a year. Would you go for it? What if twenty grand was offered to you?


Another way to determine whether TV time is important to you is this: look at the effects of giving up TV time. You would not be able to talk with your officemates about what happened on TV last night. You would miss seeing first hand the encounter between the mistress and the legal wife in the latest TV series that you are watching. You will miss seeing the shot that made your team win against its arch-rival.


Thinking about these things may seem very heartbreaking. But imagine having millions of dollars in your pocket in exchange of TV time. Instead of watching TV, take time to read books on real estate investing.


Watching TV won’t get you anywhere in investing in real estate. If your team wins the championship this year, does that change your life? Did you get a raise? Did you move in to a better house because your favorite actress got married to a billionaire? On the other hand, if your team gets into championship this year, you’ll surely be watching more of them next season and you get to spend more time watching TV.


If you really want to change your financial situation this year, time to get moving. Give up TV time and spend your TV hours learning about real estate investing. Giving up your time watching TV and instead using that to benefit you financially is a minor change that can definitely result in financial gain. One month of learning is enough preparation. After the learning process is over, put your plans into action.


Real estate investing is not something that you learn overnight. You need plenty of time knowing about it. You need to understand each concept of investing and this will happen only if you spend time learning about it.

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