public speaking tipsPublic speaking tips are all over the Internet. One click and search engines will deliver you millions of results in no time. Public speaking tips vary from proper posture to hand gestures. People cannot seem to get over in creating ways to fight the fears of speaking in front of an audience.

According to various investigations, most of fears that we encounter are self-imposed. This means that our uncertainties and hesitations in speaking only come out whenever we allow them to. Sometimes, the people listening to you do not really care how you relay the information. What they focus on is the information that they want to acquire. The speaker is the one who put himself in a hot pot of doubts, fears, and anxieties before the event.

Top 5 Public Speaking Tips and Strategies

To release such tensions, here are five public speaking tips that you can apply.

Tip #1

Know your topic by heart and by mind. Get familiar with every angle of your topic. Avoid letting questions crack your nerves because you do not know the answers. You must amaze your audience with the knowledge you have on your topic. Hit that and every aspect will now coincide.

Tip #2

Converse with as many of the attendees present in the event. Greet them with a smile and a stable handshake.  Take time to know them quite personally before delivering your speech. Break the walls that separate you from the strange and unfamiliar audience. This kind of superficial kinship can help you gain your self-confidence.  Cramming does not help so better use the time to build a friendly aura in the house.

Tip #3

Stop acting like a bashful kid in front of the crowd. This will prevent you from capturing their attention. Your audience is composed of formal and respectable people. Present yourself as a person of confidence, respect, and decency.

Tip #4

Do not let a series of “uhs” and “uhm” disrupt the flow of ideas. Before speaking, compose your thoughts first. You will not hit the right statement with these. Instead of saying “uhs” and “uhm,” try to make pauses.

Tip #5

Incorporate hand gestures and unbreakable expressions. Use your entire body to animate your speech and capture their interest. Nothing is more engaging than a powerful communication scheme.


These are the public speaking tips that will aid you to breathe calmly during your speech. Stop gripping your fears tightly and start enjoying the challenge of speaking in public. Establish the right confidence and everything will follow smoothly!

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