public speaking preparationPublic speaking preparation is the most important thing to do first when you’re scared of going up in front of an audience. Preparation is really helpful because it allows you to rehearse your speeches beforehand. By practicing something again and again, you at least gain a little confidence by knowing that you will be saying things you’ve tried before. Instead of allowing yourself to be scared to death, simply try some public speaking preparation tips. Now you no longer need to feel the intense anxiety or even your sweat dripping down your face. Instead of having to worry about your shivering voice and knocking knees, you’ll be a little bit more confident when you follow these four ways to improve your public speaking preparation.

Public speaking preparation forces you to practice

Practice your speech again and again, out loud and not just in your mind. If you want to go all out during your preparation, ask someone you trust and try to tell them your speech. If you repeat something enough times it will become habit to you to do it. After that, you will be saying your speech with pure finesse and without having to break a sweat. For example, all of the professional athletes in the PGA, NBA, and NFL have all practiced their skills again and again. The same thing is true for public speaking preparation. If you’ve done something so many times, eventually it becomes ingrained in you and it will become easier to do with time.

Use a video camera for your public speaking preparation

Try to record yourself while you are making your speech. This preparation will help you imagine what your audience will be seeing. Another way this can help you during public speaking preparation is by alerting you with some things that your audience might notice that you would want to change.

Imagine yourself for public speaking preparation

Think of yourself doing the speech. During preparation, think of every single detail that you would want to happen in a perfect speech. You would be telling people what you practiced, in exactly the way that you practiced it. If you imagine yourself during public speaking preparation, you will have a model to copy once you are faced with the actual thing. You don’t need to worry so much about stuttering when you’ve imagined exactly how you would say something without stuttering. Also remember that during public speaking preparation, you shouldn’t focus solely on the speech itself. To make sure that you do everything properly, you can try imagining the whole story. Think of yourself standing up from your seat, walking to your podium, telling your speech, ending it, and going back down. Every detail would then be easier to follow.

During public speaking preparation, practice relaxing

Relax and take calming breaths before your speech. Remember that the people you are going to talk to aren’t interested in your problems, or in what you do in private. They are not there to grill you about your personal life or any other intrusive questions you think they might be saying. In fact, most of the people in the audience just want to know what you have to say. In public speaking preparation, remind yourself that what’s important is what you are about to say, and that is what you have to focus on.

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