website textWebsite text, design, and its appearance can affect the perception of people for that site. This can influence the people’s buying decision; will they buy the product the site is offering or not. This shows the value of choosing the right website text to use for a site.

Properly use website text in ten easy steps

Listed below are some things to consider when selecting the right website text .These factors will better equip you, as the owner as well as the creator of the site to choose the right font size, style, format and spacing. Take these into consideration when selecting a website text when you design your website and it will surely leave a positive impression.

1. Make the website text easy to read – it is important that the font on a website is easy to read. Consider the color of the text and the color of the background that’s going to be used. When using a light colored website text, a dark colored background should be used. This would make the text easier to read.

2. Set a mood for the readers – capturing the emotion of the readers can impact how they view the site. Simply changing the color of the website text can create your desired mood for the readers. Some examples would be using red to create a sense of excitement or using green to emphasize greed.

3. Command their attention – making the readers focus on specific parts of the website text can be achieved by using different colors to make them noticeable. By doing this, the attention of the reader can be directed to the headline.

4. Emphasize keywords – words such as super, deluxe, fast, low price and free are some words that readers and viewers of websites often pay attention to. For this reason these words should immediately be seen by the sites’ visitors. This can be achieved through simple editing like bolding, underlining, italics and color changing and many more methods to draw attention to these words.

5. Using large texts – don’t be afraid to use large website text sized for more important parts of your website like the title, subtitle or headline. As for the rest of the website text it should be smaller than the important parts but big enough for the readers of the site to read.

6. No to all caps – never use all caps for the body of the website or the ad copy. This make the site appear unprofessional apart from the fact that text in all caps is harder to read. However, all caps can be used to emphasize more important parts of the website like the headlines.

7. Choose font style properly – make sure to choose the font style that will represent the product the website is offering. An example would be a site selling business books that has comic font. The two do not correlate with each other.

8. Use spaces – utilize spaces properly. Proper spacing can be used to emphasize important fact about the product the site is offering. Benefits of the products can be indented or bulleted. Make sure that the other parts of the site are properly spaced and aligned throughout the website.

9. Make the website text comfortable to read – avoid using brightly colored text and backgrounds. This can make the website uncomfortable to read and ultimately unappealing to read and cause readers to leave the site.

10. Check the grammar and spelling – make sure that all the words in the website text are correctly spelled and that all the sentences are constructed properly so the message of the site is clearly understood by the reader. Website texts may have some exemptions to this rule.

Follow the above tips and in no time you will be reaping the fruits of a great website text.

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