promotional pensPromotional pens are one of those go-to promotional products used by businesses, most especially by schools and colleges. Use of these promotional products is actually an effective way to attain one’s marketing goals. They can be used for general brand awareness, to promote a specific event, to strengthen current attributes, or to launch new products and services. Any of these goals can be attained via promotional products such as promotional pens. Proper promotion is needed if you want to generate momentum towards a specific school event.

Why go for promotional pens

They are a great option for marketing college and university events. Their impact is quite far and wide. When we say promotional pens, there are actually wide varieties and options if styles and designs to choose from. That is why it is one of the most cost efficient options for promotions as well.

These pens are far reaching because everyone who knows how to write uses a pen – from preschoolers to college students. Pens are used for writing notes at school or even at home, for personal uses. When you give away promotional pens, you tend to encourage and remind the user of the certain event every time he or she uses it. It is true that direct mail marketing is effective when it comes to promoting schools and colleges. Using the pens is a good start. Promotional pens tend to be on the affordable side, most especially when you order in bulk. The more pens you buy, the more cost you save. As with every promotional item, make sure you have the appropriate school or university logo, or specific event name or logo printed or embossed on the pens. Promotional pens are most especially useful for giveaways during trade shows and school events.

Benefits of Promotional pens to schools and college events

The following is a list of the advantages on why you should use them for your school or university promotions:

  • The scope of advertising exposure to students and teachers alike is stretched
  • You attain your goals of creating brand awareness
  • It is a good bolster to your direct mail marketing
  • You can motivate the students using the pens to become promoters as well
  • They are excellent in generating traffic towards your events
  • You can alter them to intentionally tap a certain kind of market
  • Every time a student picks up and uses the pen, the event or school is promoted
  • They are very much useful to a student’s life, so generally students love receiving them

Another advantage of using promotional pens is that there are a lot of ways where you can distribute them to the public. Just make sure your selected market is involved and be more resourceful and interesting in the actual distribution so that you make a good mark in the minds of the receivers even after for so long. Most of the receivers are students who will most likely use the pen which means, every time it is used, they are reminded of what is written all over it. So make sure your promotional pens are appropriately printed with the correct logo of the school or event to make it more memorable.

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