profiting from brochuresProfiting from brochures is all about strategy. It’s not just about what kind of brochure you give out, whether they be letter bi-fold, folder with flap and inserts, letter tri-fold, and double letter bi-fold types of brochures. It’s also about how you distribute your brochures. Much like posters, flyers, print advertisements, newsletters and catalogs, brochures are popular tools to forward promotional or informative tasks. They’re one of the highly effective ways you can create, develop and market your business identity. If you want to start profiting from brochures, here are a few tips.

Profiting from Brochures Requires Vision

You don’t just print your logo, a list of your services and contact details on a piece of paper and call it a brochure. An effective brochure has to be an accurate representation of the brand you are trying to create. Everything from the paper stock card, the format of the text and graphics, the color scheme, the purpose of your handouts and the number of copies you give out say a lot about what kind of business you have.

Profiting from brochures means having to be more meticulous. If you want your customers to appreciate your business or at least be curious about it, you have to be sensitive to these details. A well-crafted and well-designed batch of brochures can certainly help you on your way to profiting from brochures. It’s a sound investment.

Distributing Your Brochure

Aside from considering the material you’re giving out, you also have to think of how you plan to reach your customers. Think of your target audience and market as a business. If you’re business wants to cater younger generations, it would be better to distribute your brochures in places where young people like to hangout or relax. Profiting from brochures require a grasp of the market and its dynamics. Even if you aren’t an expert yet, knowing your potential customers and pinpointing strategic locations is a step towards profiting from these brochures.

Profiting from these means choosing a good location. You can send it out to customers:

  • In the lobby of a busy building or commercial center
  • Near the store
  • In a booth in a trading show

You can even try going to unconventional locations to try to start profiting from brochures.

Start Profiting from Brochure

You might experience a short boom in brochure distribution, but after some time, you might notice that no one’s getting your brochures anymore. That’s a sure way to fail profiting from brochures. Here are more effective strategies to get people to accept your brochures and recognize your business identity:

  • Get your address book out. Contact old friends and acquaintances you’ve met over one seminar or the other. Approach them with an offer to help each other’s business out, and send them a copy of your brochure with a personal note about one of your products attached.
  • Give out special offer coupons. A sure way to attract customers is to offer them more value for their money. Encourage them to engage with your business by giving them discounts. You can also use a referrals system. Be sure to keep in touch and call within a week.
  • Go online. Online marketing is a powerful tool to boost your profiting from brochures strategies. The virtual market is active, dynamic and open to new experiences.

Making brochures a marketing strategy isn’t just about printing paper and giving them to people. A smart and effective promotional and informative strategy considers multiple techniques that would guarantee you profiting from brochures.


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