professional vaProfessional VA or virtual assistant is actually one of the most in-demand jobs today in the online world. Hiring a VA is almost the same as hiring an administrative assistant or a secretary, except that you do not need to provide physical space for a professional VA. Another benefit of hiring a VA versus a regular administrative assistant is that you can select the services you would like him or her to do for you, and that includes the basics – like answering your calls, to the leveled up pones like conducting meetings and web hosting. So that means with hiring a professional VA, the advantages and opportunities are actually limitless.

Source of professional VA

You might now be interested in hiring a VA but do not know where to find one. There are a lot of resources online, you just have to get the right one. Different virtual offices offer different professional VA services to a wide range of people – like enterpreneurs, home-based businessmen, online marketers, or even corporate professionals who are looking for solutions in improving their businesses.

Who needs a professional VA

You might be considering hiring a professional VA but not yet quite sure if you really need one. Let me help you with that. If you are a solo entrepreneur and would like to grow your business, the next step for you is to hire more people. But there might be a lot of hindrances and disadvantages to hiring a real live crew, most especially an administrative assistant, because you might really need one to fix all your schedules and take care of your calls when you aren’t there to answer them personally. That means your chosen assistant must be there when you aren’t. It’s definitely a tough position to hire and maintain. Enter professional VA – your virtual assistant will provide you with the right manpower services at the right time.

Why go virtual

Admittedly, having a real-life crew will give you more expenses than assets. Because that means you need to give them work areas, desks, supplies, computer stuff, and not to mention, your federal and state tax duties. Add to that their benefits as well – vacation leaves, sick leaves, and even holidays. Adding these all up, hiring a real, live administrative assistant will already cost you twice as much in terms of salaries and benefits, compared to hiring a professional VA.

Another reason you should consider is personality. Having a live, on-site administrative assistant means you will be seeing him/her all day, and of course you must keep up with his/her personality. And no assistant is perfect. Believe or not, each professional VA nowadays usually has been trained to deal with different kinds of personalities because of the nature of the business. They can handle business situations because most likely they have handled a lot of it with their other professional VA jobs.

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