professional graphic designersProfessional graphic designers always manage to create eye-catching website, brochure, and logo designs. Have you ever wondered how they do it? While talent is factor, there a numerous means that can be applied to help even neophytes create high-quality designs.

Ignore everything professional graphic designers have told you

Some professional graphic designers would insist that there are hard and fast rules to be observed in graphic design. Using limited fonts in a design and refraining from using green as a magazine or book cover are examples of such rules. These might sound convincing especially when uttered by professional graphic designers, but they are actually ridiculous. Remember that there are ample of room to be creative and experimental in graphic design. Following conservative strict rules is the fastest way to become irrelevant graphic designers.

Place a subliminal message on the page

Professional graphic designers employ various ways to achieve this. For instance, if you are creating a wellington boots brochure, you can increase sales by beginning every paragraph with ‘buy our wellington boots’ or ‘get your check and buy wellington boots NOW!’ As a more creative method, you can use Photoshop in editing an ordinary photo of a tree and include in its bark a carved message: ‘U Luv Wellington boots.’ Applying this idea can really increase your sales. Just one last thing, graphic designers ensure that the message is veiled in a subliminal level.

Include a picture of pretty smiling girl on the page or document

Professional graphic designers utilize this method as it is applicable for 95% of products. It is a no brainer and very practical because even if you ask yourself, you would definitely prefer looking at pictures of a pretty girl than an industrial machinery. Research shows that the brain of a man is bound to focus on the smile of girls, and of course their chests and buttocks. A naked girl in your page will certainly be a hit and a sales-earner, if only your client will agree. Be forewarned though that this trick is not applicable to women’s products. Do not attempt to place a well-built hunk on any design targeted for women. According to research, women’s brains think of chocolates and shopping for clothes, but not shirtless hunks. Unless the target market is homosexuals, professional graphic designers do not use photos of bare-chested dudes.

Capitalize on shock and awe for your design to earn the spotlight

Modern art world is home to many works that made use of this trick. Some of these modern artworks include unmade beds, melted plastic dolls that sodomize each other, and sharks soaked in formaldehyde. Though the artistic value of the said works is debatable, their provocative allure made them much talked about and have been commended for their originality. To be considered professional graphic designers, you can apply the exact principle in your graphic design. For example, use smudges of excrement as a backdrop or make a severed willy with matching blood splatters the focal point of a page. Keep in mind that the goal is to be controversial enough to get people talking about your work. Professional graphic designers know that bad taste is temporary. It will be acceptable once it becomes ordinary, so be the forerunner of outrageous works to reap the rewards.

Applying at least one or ideally three of these graphic design golden rules is a sure way to earn millions as professional graphic designers. It is time to get to work and show everyone how graphic designers get creative.

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