Product success relies on the strength of both marketing and sales. They are not the same thing. And there is also a tendency in companies to value one over the other. Avoid this as much as possible. A harmonious relationship between marketing and sales is what establishes product success.

product successHow to Attain Product Success

Marketing and sales work together for the good of a product. They support each other in order to generate success for a business. Much of the confusion around them are caused by unfamiliarity of the functions of each. Marketing is mostly about product design and promotion. The main goal of marketing is to generate as much interest in the product as possible before it launches. Concerning product success, marketing is responsible for where a business wants to go. It specializes in forecasting the market demands and developing the product for it.

Sales busies itself with the interaction with clients and potential customers. The important aim in sales is to push the product to customers and rack up purchases. To achieve this, sales takes into account the demands of each customer. It reaches to clients by any means possible, e-mail, fax, phone, or in-person. Through these interactions, it is able to deliver an end-product favorable to consumers.

The deciding role between the two, however, goes to marketing. Since it draws first blood in a campaign for product success, strong marketing is essential. It creates opportunities for sales and drives it. This support makes a job in sales easier. Once it sees overall trends in the market change, marketing alters the product again. This is to make it suit to new tastes.

In order for a business to be successful, it must teach its marketing and sales to work as related units. Marketing is not just about superficial product design and advertising. And sales is not simply getting as many sells as possible. Pitting these two against each other would be a bad business move. Marketing and sales are complementary parts of a business. The better these two elements work together, the higher the chance for product success.

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