product knowledgeProduct knowledge is the most important factor when selling. Who would believe a sales person who does not know his or her product inside and out? Even you would not trust someone who is selling you something that they do not fully know about.

Imagine buying a product from someone who cannot answer the simplest question about what they are selling. Will you believe the promises? To prevent these types of scenario, we have compiled a few tips about product knowledge.

Tips on How to Ace Product Knowledge

  1. Read About the Product.

Get as much information about the product as you can. Your knowledge starts from reading brochures and related literature. The features and benefits of your products should come out naturally when asked. It’s as if you can share to the customer every detail there is to know about. Make sure that your product knowledge is up to the smallest detail so you will erase doubt from the buyer’s mind.

  1. Use the Product.

Of course we have mentioned that you can read everything about the product, but there is no better way to acquire product knowledge than using it. The best way to sell is if you believe in it. Using the product will make you experience it firsthand. That way, you can also share to your buyers that you have full knowledge because you have experienced its benefits. Reading and using it will give you the best product knowledge because you have a different level of confidence knowing that the product really works.

  1. Rehearse.

Do not just go out into the world selling something without rehearsing what you need to say. Get help from your colleagues by making them test your product knowledge. Role play with one of your colleagues. Make them act as the customer and tell them to ask as many questions as they can about the product. Have them critique your knowledge based on the role playing. You can also provide a different perspective by reversing the role playing and acting as the customer. Think of the questions that a buyer will ask that will test your product knowledge. That way, you will know if your knowledge is without flaw before you interact with real customers.

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