probuilderplusProBuilderPlus is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program. Along with all of the other MLM, It is advertised to give you profits from minimal effort. For the longest time, it seemed that it would have been one of those online schemes that would be far from helpful, so I didn’t call it to mind. It was quite a decision to try joining ProBuilderPlus to start trying to find out what it was all about, and it comes with quite a story. The story is all about how I was influenced into trying it out and my eventual experience with the program.

My business led me to ProBuilderPlus

To start off, my business is all about getting profits from affiliate marketing. This means that I get revenue when people click on any of the available links I have on my website. I write about different things and post recommendations that can give me money if people choose to do them. ProBuilderPlus started getting into my brain when I started receiving questions about MLM. Through my own readers, I was led to trying it out.

Moneymaking through ProBuilderPlus

It is a fairly young MLM company. It’s currently very trendy since a lot of people are trying it out. ProBuilderPlus also includes a very low membership fee compared to some of the other MLM opportunities available. It basically works like this:

  1. For every member, let’s call one of them person A, that personally connects with you on ProBuilderPlus, you will be receiving 10 dollars.
  2. For every member that connects with person A, let’s call one of them person B, you will be receiving 3 dollars from it.
  3. For every member that connects with Person B, you will be getting 2 dollars.
  4. For having at least 9 members connected to you on ProBuilderPlus, you are guaranteed to get 30 dollars every week.

In this manner, you will be continuously gaining money for as long as your network grows. In fact, once you have up to 9 members, you will receive a continuous payment without exerting any extra effort.

ProBuilderPlus on a Personal Note

ProBuilderPlus allowed me an opportunity to see how far my reach is. In just three days I had received more than 500 views on the link that I had placed on my own website. I even gained one paying member then. That meant that I only needed two more paying members and my membership fee had already paid itself. Although this is not a sure way to become rich, it is definitely a valid opportunity. It is there to try if it seems worth it to you.

Other services offered by ProBuilderPlus

ProBuilderPlus doesn’t leave its members hanging. It offers quite a lot of tools that can really help a person with zero training make money. I assume that if someone uses the services optimally, more money can be gained. Some of these services include online training. It also has a contact manager to help facilitate communication with people that you are sponsoring. It gives you a tool that lets you send voice messages to people. It offers a great matrix structure. It has a follow up system that is available when you upgrade your membership plan.

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