private label rights contentPrivate label rights content consists of any written material, like articles, autoresponder content or e-books that you can buy and take ownership of. Since not everyone is gifted at crafting useful content, sometimes it could be better if you let someone create it for you.

As the famous saying goes, “Content is king.” If this is so, how can one increase the number of content? Online marketers are very much used to this, writing and writing       article after every article, submitting and posting to various sites, hoping it would lead us to online success. But if there would be an easy way to all this, wouldn’t you want that instead? That’s where private label rights content comes in.

There are various kinds of PLR content out there, various methods of acquiring them, and various rights awarded to you once you’ve acquired it. PLR Content when acquired also grants you the privilege to edit the content, break it, combine into a larger resource, publish on your own site, etc.

What Private Label Rights Content Can Do for You

Where Can I Find Private Label Rights Content?

Now that you know the definition and basics of private label content, where can you actually find it? There are actually various services that provide quality content that members can use freely whenever they feel like using it. There is of course also the option to take content from the various article directories out there, but the downside of this alternative is that as a requirement, you have to add in the author box that is included in the article you are thinking of using.

This in turns would mean that the link to their site would also be present in your webpage, drawing in Google Page Rank that would usually be filtered through the other webpages on your website. Another drawback though is that every other marketer, around hundred thousands of them are doing just the same. It would be harder to rank high in the search engines if your site is on the same page as with the other thousands.

What Other Alternative Do I Have for Private Label Rights Content?

A different alternative would be to pay for your PLR content. There are actually various services available online that offer PLR content to their members. This also entails that you will have to share the private label rights content with a limited number of people. Only these limited members can have permission to use the content, but you still have to watch out for these things:

First and foremost, how many other people will have the authority to the content like you? If you are looking at another thousand people sharing the same access as you, would that be really valuable to you? It might be even better if you just get content from article directories instead.

Another watch-out is the cost per article you’ll have to pay. If membership cost is $100, and that comprises of access to two hundred articles, that means per article, it costs $0.50. And a membership that provides access to 400 articles equals to half the cost per article. Do your research and do the math. Wherever you will get the best value of your money for private label rights content should be the better option.


In general, PLR content is ideal for affiliate marketers because it is affordable, editable, and you can add your own affiliate links while not needing to credit another site.

You need not search far and wide for websites selling private label rights content – it’s actually a very profitable business for writers, who can earn more from an article sold to many other people, than writing the same article exclusively.

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