powerful public speakerPowerful public speaker is given very high respect, since it is something that many of us have a fear of doing. Every powerful speaker is able to get over the fact that there will be a lot of people watching them. In fact, that is a crucial thing if you want to become a powerful public speaker. So if you’re aspiring to be an effective and powerful speaker, here are a few tips for you.

Hook them

Tell them something to interest them. If you can get your audience’s attention through a story, it will be more likely that they will listen to you until the end of the speech.

Be a powerful public speaker by knowing your purpose

You should know exactly what you want to say if you want to be a powerful public speaker. Try to continuously remind yourself that you want a certain response from your audience. Focus on this response so that you can create focus on your speech’s purpose. A powerful speaker should concentrate on the result rather than beating around the bush with lengthy introductions.

A powerful public speaker asks about the audience beforehand

The key to being a powerful public speaker is to know who you will be talking to beforehand. There are a lot of different audiences around, and a powerful speaker will be able to connect to whoever is there. Try to find out their purpose in seeking you out, their connection to the topic, and things that might interest them.

Learn what to focus on as a powerful public speaker

To be a powerful public speaker, try to focus on the ‘what’ if you’re talking about a product. A customer will most probably not be interested in how something works. The electronics behind a machine are supposed to be left to its engineers. As a powerful public speaker, you should tell them what the product does and how it will benefit them.

Don’t rely on PowerPoints

PowerPoints are a great visual aid, but don’t rely too heavily on them. If you want some interaction between your speech and audience, opt for an activity instead.

End like a powerful public speaker

Be a powerful public speaker by making sure that all of your speeches have a satisfying ending. Try to make your conclusion tie up with the introduction, so that you’re offering a whole package to your audience. Instead of giving separate details, a full speech will be easier for them to remember.

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