postcardsPostcards are simply pieces of paper but this paper can make anyone appreciate, criticize, laugh at, mourn, or be moved by something. They are attractive, rectangular sheets of thick paper. It is often mailed with personal messages written at the back by its sender. The earliest known postcards date back to 1840s. One of these has a hand-painted design and message written by Theodore Hook. It also bears a penny black stamp.

Today, they are still one of the best ways to communicate to someone even across the globe. They are economical to buy and inexpensive to send. However, your friends or neighbor out on a trip are not the only ones who can send you a postcard.

3 reasons to use postcards for marketing

A lot of businesses begin to use them as a marketing tool because they are short, low cost, and highly targeted.

  1. Postcards are short.

They are two-faced sheets of paper. On one side is a photograph of a part of your facility, service, or company logo. On the other side is a short message that tells a consumer about your product, service, or upcoming store event. When consumers receive postcards, they get the message right away. No envelopes require to be opened. Even if they do not need your services or products at the moment, you are sure that the message is loud and clear. They can even simply post it on their refrigerators for later use. Even for a fraction of a second, postcards can do what marketing tools such as letters or booklets can perform.

  1. Low cost.

Instead of paying for radio and other print advertisements, consider sending a postcard. It will cost way lower than the amount of a 30-second ad. All you need is a short message, a picture, and a piece of good quality paper. Sending them out is easy as well. You can have a house-to-house in the neighborhood or through the cheapest mail.

  1. Highly targeted.

Another thing to love about postcards is that they are highly targeted. You can select who the receivers of your postcard would be. For example, you are selling make ups. Instead of paying for a radio advertisement where even men who are not interested in it will hear your plug, send out postcards to women, and salons. That way, there is an amount of certainty that a number of receivers will purchase your products.

2 Ways to Print Them

Convinced yet? There are 2 ways to print your business’ postcards. First, using two-color printing. This is cheaper between the two means, although, the colors are not as varied. Second, using 4-color printing. Here, there is limitless palette.

Whichever way you want to print postcards, keep in mind that what you are doing costs lesser and is more effective than other forms of mass media.

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