positive communicationPositive communication is a key towards making your every endeavor a success. With the right techniques, it can make your daily life easy too. Here are proven strategies to help you master its art.

Proven Techniques for Developing a Positive Communication

1) A law states that “If you do not agree with a specific view, never tell the person about it outright”. You can accept one’s view without necessarily agreeing to it. All you need to do is to recognize a person’s opinion. To do so, use the following expressions instead of saying “I don’t think so” or “I do not agree with you”: “That’s a novel idea.”; “That is something I’ve heard for the first time”; “Interesting”; “I haven’t seen the problem that way”.

To develop positive communication, give the person the impression that you are giving him a chance to be understood and to explain himself fully. Afterwards, introduce other topics and avoid entering into a heated argument or a debate.

2) You are judged by your actions. Your actions are the manifestations of your thoughts. So as much as possible, think positively to produce positive actions. The end-goal of positive communication is to create a harmonious relationship with people. This means that you have to create a good impression and be perceived by others as sincere, well-meaning, and credible person. It all starts with the right kind of attitude backed by the right actions.

For example, if you sound and act like a helpless person, you can be perceived as such even if you feel otherwise. If you feel angry and you lash out against everyone you encounter, you will be perceived as hostile even if you think you are just being strict. Conversely, you can control your emotions and actions to your advantage. For example, positive communication dictates that instead of badmouthing people, you should remain calm and composed yet appear firm and just in your words. This way, you can command people who will then respect you and look up to you instead of hating you. In the world of positive communication, diplomacy is always preferred over hostility.

Listen and give respect

3) Accord respect to everyone. If you are running a business, listen even to the voices of your lowest ranked employee. Recognize the fact that everyone may have creative ideas that others haven’t thought of. Use this as valuable opportunity to learn more and develop personally and professionally. Positive communication is all about treating everyone courteously and giving credit where it is due.

4) Listen to others, sit down for a talk and have a dialogue. These things are often neglected by other people, thinking that positive communication is just about speaking effectively. As communication is a two-way process, it demands that you learn how to listen to others in the real sense of the word. Listening makes the person you are talking to feel valuable and his ideas, appreciated. Never ignore a suggestion just because you think it’s absurd. Recognize it anyway even without implementing it.

5) Make a follow up or seek clarification for ambiguous words. One of the best strategies in achieving positive communication is to ask questions. Some people feel embarrassed to ask questions in the belief that they may end up sounding stupid. However, know that there is never a stupid question. By clarifying something, you can avoid any misunderstanding and positive communication can be achieved.

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