poker booksPoker books are attractive sellers. They fly off the shelves: people want to read about life experiences playing poker, about different techniques, and about the players involved. And in the future, people will want to read more poker books.

You might have a good eye for poker, and you feel like you can successfully analyze your own poker hands and games. Maybe you have what it takes to write these books. But the problem with writing a poker book –or any book, really—is that it’s not as easy as it looks.

With so many people writing nowadays, there must be a way to guarantee success. Most people writing poker books just offer the concept as an interesting life experience (which is enough to get publishers on board, sometimes). If the books sell, you know that your life experience was interesting to many. If it doesn’t, that just means no one really cared.

So now it’s time to find the key in writing interesting poker books, and making sure it becomes successful in the market.

Writing Interesting Poker Books

As a writer, you always have to keep things in perspective. Poker book writers should remember their dual nature: they’re both writers and poker players. But to be successful in writing interesting poker books, you should act as a writer first. Be a player second.

Why? Poker players run out of things to say if they write only about their own play and games. Better writers write with a bigger perspective.

After you develop the books with the right mindset and perspective, you should go look around for opportunities related to writing, poker books and gaming.

There are a lot of opportunities for interesting books about poker. You can go online or offline. Online e-book stores like or Barnes and Noble can accommodate you. Or you can build our own website and sell directly from there.

You can even write e-books for clients. Some people hire ghostwriters to write e-books for their websites. So you’ll have poker players and hobbyists reading your material. An example of this would be It’s a site for gambling and gaming e-books penned by ghostwriters.

If you have interesting poker books to contribute, write in a good perspective and get it on the market.

The Appeal of Self-Publishing

We mentioned earlier the different ways you can get these books out there. Self-publishing is one of the most discussed way of marketing your poker books.

Self-publishing has many advantages. Mainly, it gives you complete control and creative freedom. This is because you don’t have a literary agent and a convoluted process to go through. The publishing and distribution process is so much faster versus traditional., for example, can have your poker books available in less than a day. And you keep the rights to the material and all the profit.

But there are disadvantages. There’s always the risk of not succeeding. The risk is just higher for self-publishing poker books because you’re now fully responsible for your book and for generating sales.

If you don’t self-publish, you need to look for a reputable e-book publisher who will handle everything, including marketing. They’ll be able to consider all poker-related material, and even offer for a trade paperback. An advantage of this is the greater royalties, and sometimes higher advance.

But with the right practice of control and creativity, your poker books can succeed in the market.

Getting Your Poker Books in the Market

If you’ve decided to self-publish, you now need to understand the different steps to getting your books in the market. How can you get it to your readers?

It’s recommended that you start first with a digital version to test the book in the marketplace. If it does well, then you can transition to a physical version. You can even have your paperback version print-on-demand, so you don’t have to waste money and take unnecessary risks.

There are different self-publishing outlets you can bring your poker books to. is a digital publisher that’s low cost, with a quick turnaround. You’ll see your work in the marketplace in no time.

There’s also (owned by Amazon), which will get your books to major books stores. has a steady stream of sales because it has the largest audiences of affiliates ready to sell your book for a commission. You can create your own website and sales page to sign up to use their ordering system. has both digital and paperback publishing, and anyone can order your title in whatever format. Many popular online bookstores order from them. Lastly, you can go for AuthorHouse or BookSurge.

Let’s end this article with three tips for success for your poker books:

  1. Know your market and where you can gain readership. Even before you finish your manuscript, research already. Buy a writer’s market book to help you.
  2. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel – non-fiction sells in poker. No one’s going to read about your intuition or personal feelings. Fact-based theories and strategies will sell. So put an effort. Prepare. Attend poker events and tournaments, go to casino poker rooms, talk and network with poker players.
  3. Have your manuscript ready before approaching publishers. Avoid work-for-hire publishers. Go for the royalties and take a chance. Simply put, negotiate for the success of your poker books.

With all these tips and framework strategies in mind, go for it! Get your interesting books about poker out in the market.

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