plr ebookPLR ebook is one with private label rights. Private label rights refer to a license where the author sells all or most of the intellectual property rights to their work, which means that the buyer can use most or all of what the PLR ebook contains.

If you’ve just bought one that comes with private label rights, don’t just upload everything to the server.

This ebook can be sold to almost anyone, which means that those people who bought the same PLR ebook as what you have are also doing the exact same thing that you did—upload the ebook to their server. It means that the people who bought it also used the same ebook cover, same sales page, and same keywords as you.

PLR ebook: Make It Stand from the Crowd

Do you see the problem with the PLR ebook that you bought? The thing is, the market is already filled with the ebook that you think will bring in more cash for you. Yes, it can bring in cash but not as much as you want to. In order for it to give you the money that you need, you need to be different. You need to make your PLR ebook to stand out from the crowd. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Do some changes to the sales page. You do not need to rewrite the sales page completely. Making superficial changes is just what you need. By making a few changes, the eBook that you bought does not look and feel like the same exact sales page that many people have already seen a dozen times before.
  • Change the background color. Changing the color of the background can create a big impact on the eBook.
  • Write a new headline. Even though the PLR ebook may look familiar to the readers, writing a new headline can make a lot of difference. You can also create a new header graphic to transform the page. The headline is the first line that a reader sees and when the reader knows that it’s different, there is likely a chance that the reader will continue reading what you have on your page.
  • Change the title. Most PLR ebooks have boring titles. So, to get attention to your ebook, come up with an attractive and catchy title.

Follow the steps mentioned above and you’ll surely get a greater chance of your ebook standing out from the crowd.

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