persuasive writersPersuasive writers are some of the best writers around since they compel and inspire people out of inaction. The saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” is especially true for any persuasive writer. They go beyond providing literary works or articles for their audience—persuasive writers give them something to think about. These writers inspire readers to act.

If you want to be considered one of the best writers, try out these steps.

  1. Look for persuasive writings.

Recall the last time you read something that inspired you out of your stupor and day-to-day grind. It can be as simple as a catchphrase for an ad or an article in your local newsletter. It can be something that you saw while commuting, reading your morning paper, or browsing the Internet.

Once you have identified these persuasive writings…

  1. Analyze it.

What sets persuasive writers apart from other writers is their writing style. Read actively; passive reading will never help you develop your writing style. Examine the text. Is there a specific choice in vocabulary? How do these writers use their words? How long are the sentences and paragraphs? What tone do persuasive writers use? What transition techniques are used?

Studying these technical aspects of any persuasive writings can help include you amongst the rank of writers yourself. Familiarize yourself with the main ideas of the text and what these writers are trying to impart.

  1. Find more persuasive writers.

Broaden your horizons. Search for text from other writers—this way, you can have a variety of examples. When you read actively from other persuasive writers, it will inspire you to write. When you start writing more, you will find that not only does it become persuasive to others, but is also appealing to you.

  1. Be comfortable with writing—persuasive or otherwise.

If you’re comfortable with something, you are apt to do it more. The same thing applies with writing. Remember that practice makes perfect. Persuasive writers are not born; they develop the skill over time. So ease into writing, find a writing style that is comfortable to you. Only by being comfortable will you be able to write without hesitation.

  1. Write it down

Find persuasive writers with compelling articles or texts. Write down what they say. First of all, this helps you read more actively. Another, it will influence you to read slower. Lastly, it allows you to analyze the choice of words and sentence construction. All these things will help develop your skills in becoming one of the best persuasive writers.


Those who are focused on marketing will find persuasive writing indispensable to their field. However, regardless of your field, effective writers find fulfillment (and even more connections and friends) with the ability to stir people into action.

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