personal advertisingPersonal advertising can be done to a variety of people. This can range from people that you meet in elevators, people you encounter while buying a cup of coffee and so on. However, the best way to do personal advertisement is to your friends. Now, you might be hesitant to do it to your friends, because you might be thinking that one should never mix business with friendship. There are exceptions however. Businesses, especially small businesses should learn to recognize the importance of personal advertising to the people of your inner circle.

You might be arguing that your friends already know your business, but you would be mistaken. A lot of them might know the name of your business but not know what to do. This is what you have to inform them about, what it is you actually do and how your business works. By letting them know, you’ll be surprised with the benefits that you may reap.

Benefits of Personal Advertising to Your Friends

When you do personal advertising to your friends, you are promoting to people that know you. This will prove beneficial to you in the future. In letting your friends know all about your business, you allow them to be your best source of new clients and promotion. They can promote you to their other friends and then them to theirs and so on. Aside from this, since they are your friends, they can vouch for your credibility and assure others of your quality of work. Also, by doing personal advertising to your friends, informing them of what you can do and offer, you allow yourself to be the go to person for the type of products and services you offer.

How to do Personal Advertising to Your Friends

You probably already have your prepared speech for when you’re doing personal advertising to other people. If you’re planning on doing personal advertisement to your friends, you better throw that script away. It just won’t work, they can easily recognize if it’s all scripted. You have to advertise yourself to your friends in a casual manner. Talk to them how you would talk to them on a normal day, except today, the topic of the conversation is your small business.

You have to make them feel like you’re not pushing your products and services down their throats. Rather, you’re just telling them what you can do for them and that you are the right guy for what they need. By doing personal advertising in an impromptu situation, you can’t predict when you should enter it in the conversation. Thus, it ends up that you put it in when it is appropriate.

When doing personal ads, you have to be careful that you don’t just blubber on about your business. You have to show interest on what your friends do as well. You get to know them same way, they get to know you. Also, you return the favor of advertising them. Personal advertising is a two way thing.

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