pay yourself firstPay yourself first may be a habit that you find hard relating with writing, but this does not mean that it is impossible to become financially empowered with this career path. So how will you be able to pay yourself without any money entering your bank account yet? Set your goal to pay yourself first and be committed to take steps to achieve it. What are these steps, you ask? Read on below.

  1. Be committed to pay yourself first.

Create a new bank account where you can pay yourself with your writing career. Make this account solely dedicated for the earnings you make with writing. Use a label that will always remind you of the goal to pay yourself first.

  1. Pay yourself first by rewarding yourself with every achievement.

Always deposit an amount to the bank account you created every time you achieved something in your writing career no matter how big or small it may be. This may be after you submitted an inquiry, finished a whole chapter, or any other milestone towards your writing success. Pay yourself first even if no other person has recognized your success yet.

  1. Pay yourself first by investing in avenues to improve your writing.

Use the money in your bank account to fund your writing contest registration fee, subscriptions, and the postage that you will use to send your big manuscript. You can also pay yourself first by joining a writing conference for your training.

  1. Always keep track of where your money is going.

Check if you are able to stay committed by knowing where your money goes. See to it that your writing career is always on the top of the list where most of your money is being spent.

  1. Feel the rewards of being able to pay yourself first.

The reward doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible. This may be in the form of the sense of fulfillment that you get every time that you are able to express yourself through writing. It can also be due to the excitement that you feel when you get to finish or submit your work.

  1. What your mind can conceive you can achieve.

Jim Carey has made it his life goal to pay yourself first by writing himself a check worth 20 million dollars and kept it in his wallet back when he was still struggling as an actor. You should try this for yourself!

  1. Think about what happens next when you pay yourself first.

It’s not always about the money that goes in. What will you do after you pay yourself first with writing? Will it be a vacation that you have always wanted? A new computer to male writing easier perhaps? Paying yourself first may sound hard but when you get to start doing it, trust me it will all be worth it.

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