paintPaint was probably one of the first applications you ever used on a computer.  An easy-to-use graphics editing program, Paint is available to you if you have Microsoft Windows.  If you don’t already have it, it can be downloaded from

How do I get started with Paint?

The beauty of Paint is that it’s very easy to navigate, but an overview of the basic features wouldn’t hurt.  Paint has a quick access toolbar which allows you to have easy access to basic functions such as New, Save, Print and Undo.  You can also do this from the Paint Menu, along with cool features such as changing your desktop background to the picture you have just created and importing a picture from a scanner or camera.  The Home Tab features the important editing tools that you’ll need to modify your pictures such as clipboard, shapes, colors, brushes and more. The View tab is where you can change the viewing options – zoom in or zoom out are a few of the viewing options.  The drawing area refers to the area that acts as your blank canvas.

Editing tips for Paint

You may not have known how to use the following features when you were a kid using Paint for the first time.  Here are a few of the many ways how you can fully utilize Paint.

Rotate or Flip an Image.  To rotate or flip an image, simply load the image and select the “Rotate” button which can be found on the Home tab.  Upon clicking the drop down arrow, you’ll find a number of options – rotate 90 degrees in either direction or a complete 180 degrees, or you can flip the image vertically or horizontally.

Resize an image.  To resize an image, place your mouse on top of it and right-click.  This will give you the option to resize by percentage or pixels.  Additionally, you can resize manually by typing Ctrl+A after you’ve selected the image.

Crop an image.  To crop an image, select it, right click, then select “Crop”.

Combine two images.  To combine two images, simply load the first image and enlarge the side blue box to create a white space which is large enough to fit the second image.  Use the rectangle tool on the second image to cut it out and slide it over to the white space you have made on the first image.

Add text.  To add text, click the “A” icon which can be located on the toolbar and start typing. You can change the font and color.


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