marketing competitorsMarketing competitors exist directly within a business industry. Normally, businesses face a very competitive environment. They compete in different ways. As a business owner, your competitors produce and offer very similar products to what you have.

Your Marketing Competitors are Defeasible

Businesses face direct and indirect competition too. Sometimes, you can’t stop from thinking that you’re left behind. And that need to come up with a better plan to outdo from your marketing competitors. Here’s how:

  1. Magic Number 1

Always promote one product at a time as your main strategy. This doesn’t mean selling one product at a time. You just need to wait for the right time to produce a new item after the sale of your first product.

Your target customer should not see more than one item offered at low cost. Or else, he’ll be confused. He might ask himself these questions: What’s the best deal for me? Which one do I prefer? He may feel procrastinated. As an alternative, offer your customer an item that suits his preference. You will make sure profits that losing a sale.

  1. Outwit Your Competitors

In any business industry, competition exists. Avoid focusing on how your marketing competitors promote their products or services. Instead, look for new ways of promoting and targeting new markets.

Reaching new clients. Niche markets provide the perfect sneak techniques. Categorize your current market to smaller and more specific groups that have common interests. Know their needs. Present yourself as the pro. Leave the competition. Be patient to new prospects that will come your way.

  1. Encourage Communication

Communication is important in understanding your customers. Be open for any questions before, during and after the sale. Make it easier and more comfortable.

Always provide contact information on all your sales and advertising materials. These include mails and websites. You may also create frequently asked questions page. This is where your clients can conveniently see the direct answers to their common questions on their end.


Remember that your marketing competitors are not gods. They can be defeated too. All you need is a little focus and some strategy. Soon, you’ll be number one. Or if you already are one, you can keep on being on top!

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