opt in email listOpt-in email list gives you the chance to connect to your target prospects. Once your product and promotional materials are prepared, you can now start sending them with your email list as your guide. It is now easier to appeal to your target market without the need to track them down one by one. You can easily hook them to your opt-in email list with just a web form safely encrypted to your site.

But with the sudden rise of competitors in the market, it is extra difficult to lure target subscribers. There is a possibility that your rivals also have the same opt-in email list as yours. It is therefore important for you to present something unique about your product and its benefits. Offer great bonuses the moment they subscribe.

As they visit your site, tell your visitors that they can read inclusive interviews with experts and endorsers if they sign up for your opt-in email list newsletter. Say that you are offering incentives like vouchers and other product promos for everyone who will sign up.

Use different techniques to make your product offerings stand above the crowd. When everyone seems to follow a trend, be unique and think outside the box. You will never rise above your competitors if you are to do the same strategies they are doing.

Three Ideas You Can Use to Build an Opt-in Email List

Make sure you reach out to more prospects. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Create a private members only site or section

Program your site to have a page exclusive to members who have signed up for subscription. Once a visitor fills up the web form, he/she is automatically given a free and immediate access to the site. Tell them the perks of being a member. You could say, “Subscribe to our website and get a chance to know the latest trend in the fashion industry exclusively featured in our e-magazine.”

You can let them sign up the opt-in email list by filling up their username, password, contact and basic personal information. Let them log in through their registered username and password or through a link provided in the welcome email. This technique will help you gather data useful in creating an opt-in email list.

Inside the “Private Members Only” site, you can include articles, eBooks, reports, brochures, software, and other media sources they can avail for free. You can also advertise other affiliate programs in the same page. And lastly, by using your acquired opt-in email list, you can personally update them with the latest updates, promos, new products, and other relevant information.

  • Give subscribers a free, tangible gift

If service benefits do not appeal to your visitors, try tangible gifts. Instead of offering eBooks, newsletters, and brochures, give them something that they can hold and treasure. Why not send to them a printed manual or magazine.

Send them your new product report that is printed in clean sheets. Put them in an envelope and send them via courier. You can also print a booklet full of tips on how to use your product. A booklet filled with informative articles can also make your clients feel special. You can also create a CD with information targeted toward your market. You can do a mass production and mail it to everyone who would sign up. Or if you have extra stocks of you product, you can also send free samples to every new subscriber.

Once they see that you are offering interesting stuff as freebies, they would immediately sign up, allowing your opt-in email list to get longer.

  • Through a Contest or Sweepstakes

Spearhead a contest wherein participants are required to fill up an information form to be able to be a registered contestant. You must be able to get their phone numbers and email addresses. Offer a prize that sounds too tempting to be passed. If the prizes are not interesting enough, then do not expect many visitors to register.

If you have an active e-zine, you can probably offer an automatic entry for new subscribers. You can announce the winners by the end of the contest. Or you can give prizes to monthly winners until the grand finals. This method will entice more subscribers to stay hooked on your updates.

The possibilities that opt-in email list are endless. Do not let your imagination limit your capacity to lure your target market into the sanctuary of your business.

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