opt in boxOpt in box is that part of your website When you get visitors in your website, your primary goal should be for them to notice your opt in box, fill it up and sign up for you newsletter. This is your goal because it legally gives you to add them to your distribution list and regularly endorse your products to them. By doing this, you get to give them information about your product and invite them to make a purchase. Getting them to fill up you opt in box, might just be what you need to increase your sales.

What your Opt In Box Should Have to Work

For them to want to sign up, you have to make sure that your opt in box has all the right things and it’s placed on a prime location. Based on some tests, it’s best to put your opt in box at the upper right corner. This way it catches their attention. It has to, because it will serve as your net in getting client. So, what should your opt in box have?

1. A bold headline

This means, it has to be out there. Your headline for your opt in box should be captivating. It should catch the attention of your readers and want to click on it. You can’t simply put “Free Newsletter”. Not only is that boring, but it show’s none of your creativity at all. Put yourself in their shoes, what would be the statement that can get your attention?

2. An enticing description of your newsletter

Make sure that you provide a short description of your newsletter. This can be between 15 to 30 words. Tell them a short description of the benefits of signing up. Everybody is always asking what’s in it for them. So, tell them and make it worth it.

3. A field for their first name

This is very important to have in your opt in box, because it can be useful in personalizing your ezine/newsletter for them. By having their name, you can use them in your subject box. This small personal touch can be very beneficial for you.

Now, you might be asking, why only the first name. Well, because people have privacy issues and they would be hesitant to give their entire name. By just asking for the first name, you’ll have more people sign up. Plus, the first name is really all you need to add that personal touch.

4. A field for their primary e-mail address

You have to take note that we said primary address. This is because a lot of people have alternative e-mail addresses. This is what they use to receive newsletter. However, they usually use hotmail or yahoo. Free email sites have strict filters, thus your email might end up in the Spam file. To avoid this, ask for their primary email address. Ask that it be their primary. You’ll be surprised by what a little asking can do.

5. A button that says “Subscribe” or “Sign Me Up Now”

Be straightforward and clear that they have to click on it to activate their subscription. You don’t want them forgetting to sign up after they’ve just filled in their name and e-mail address.

6. Your Privacy Policy

As mentioned above, people have issues with their privacy. So, it’s time to have your visitors at ease and tell them about your privacy policy on your opt in box. Ensure them that you will never use their opt in box for other purposes. Telling them your privacy policy tells them that’s it’s okay and you’re credible.

You’re opt in box might just be that little push that users need in order to subscribe to your newsletter or ezine. This is way you have to make it as good and captivating as possible. By getting them to fill up your opt in box, you get your opportunity to better promote yourself and your business.

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