online dictionaryOnline dictionary is one of the many useful tools brought about by technology and the Internet. From its name, you could already guess what it is for. It serves the same purpose as the traditional dictionary, which is to give us the definition of words. However, instead of being printed in a physical book, an online dictionary can be accessed online through a computer, laptop or smart phone.

How does an online dictionary work?

Using a dictionary online is really easy as long as you know how to use your gadget and the Internet. All you have to do is go to a reliable online dictionary website, type in the word and you will have its definition in just a few seconds. Most dictionaries online would also give you synonyms, antonyms, the word’s origin, and other related words.

Who would benefit from using an online dictionary?

Anyone who has access to the Internet could use an online dictionary. It is very helpful for those whose jobs involve writing and communicating through written media. They use a dictionary to find the most appropriate words to make their message loud and clear. People who are learning English as their second language would also find an online dictionary quite handy, because they could easily check the meaning of unfamiliar words with just a few clicks. Likewise, students in all levels who need to accomplish written homework could easily access it whenever and wherever they are without having to carry a heavy book around.

Advantages of using an online dictionary

  • Convenient.

It’s fast, easy-to-use, and readily accessible. An online dictionary can be accessed anywhere at any time as long as you have your gadget and an Internet access. You don’t have to go looking for that thick, heavy dictionary at home or in the library just to search for the meaning of a word. All it takes is a few clicks and you’d have everything you need to know about the word.

  • Up-to-date.

As language evolves continuously, so do the words that we use. Terms relating to modern technological advancements, new word definitions, as well as slang words that have become part of our everyday language, should be added to the dictionary. An online dictionary is updated regularly and you don’t have to buy a new printed version every time there’s an update.

  • It has other helpful features.

When a dictionary gives you the definition, you may find some unfamiliar words in the explanation. You can simply click on that word and you will be directed to the meaning of that new word. Aside from giving you the meaning of a word, an online dictionary could read it out loud, so you would know how to pronounce it properly. It would also give you an example on how to use the word correctly in a sentence. Most online dictionaries have thesaurus function, which is very useful for your writing needs.

  • It’s for free.

No payment or registration necessary. Need I say more?

Thanks to the Internet and technology, learning new words has never been easier. With an online dictionary, you could have access to an infinite pool of words and knowledge with just a few clicks.

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