online competitionsOnline competitions for fiction writing are very abundant nowadays. These serve as a perfect venue for those who want to showcase their talent in fiction writing. Joining these competitions is very easy, all the information and steps that you need to know can be seen in websites such as The hard part is winning. In order to win online competitions for fiction writing you need to understand very well what makes a literary piece beautiful and full of substance. Here we give you a brief refresher on fiction writing to help you in these competitions you are planning to join.

What are the kinds of Fiction Writing?

Before you sign up for any online competitions, you need to know first the type of fiction writing that they will require you to submit. Usually, literary pieces fall under two kinds:

  1. Category

Category is also known as genre. These competitions stories that fall under this kind of fiction writing can be classified into more specific and unique themes such as science, adventure, romance, action, mystery, history and many more.

  1. Mainstream

Stories for online competitions that are tagged as mainstream are targeted for a big scope of audience. Topics usually tackle different aspects of Iife such as career and relationships.

Components of Fiction Writing that Online Competitions Scrutinize

They have judges who have a keen eye for detail. They usually check specific components of the submitted online competitions entries.

  1. Theme

The theme is the central idea where the story revolves. It is the most important component of fiction writing. It will dictate whether your entry will turn out to be a hit or miss.

  1. Characters

Characters help enrich the theme of a literary piece by providing different dimensions into the flow of the story. They are the reason why readers of online competitions entries get hooked to the story, since they feel a sense of attachment to the dialogue of the characters and how they will grow as the story progresses.

  1. Plot

The plot of entries is like the glue that binds the whole story together. This is composed of a dilemma, climax and denouement which will all drive home to the theme of the story.

  1. Style

The style of writers for online competitions gives flavor to the story. Choose an effective writing style and you will surely be victorious in any online writing competition.

The talent needed for Fiction writing in these competitions may not be acquired naturally to everyone. Put in the right amount of effort by working on your creativity and maintaining your determination until you reach the final revision of your work. If you do this then you will eventually get the success in online competitions you are dreaming of.

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