news feedsNews feeds may seem intimidating and complicated from the way it sounds. But actually there are ways you can easily and properly setup the feeds. They can be broken down into quick, low-cost systems that can be created once or many times after.

But before we discuss the top secret formula for setting up news feeds, let’s answer some common questions first:

News Feeds FAQs

FAQ #1: What are these feeds?

These are auto-generated listings of news updates on a specific topic. For example, my site’s news feed is all about small business marketing.

FAQ #2: Why do I need news feeds on my site?

They are actually cool to have. But aside from that, they are also excellent generators of traffic. They do not only do they cause your website to be more enticing to the significant netizens that drop by your site, news feeds also motivate visitors to keep on coming back to your site for fresh news updates.

To sum up, the advantages are two-fold:

• To recruit new visitors, and

• To attract return visitors

Now you’re acquainted with the basics of news feeds, let’s discuss what you need to remember in successfully putting up these feeds:

5 Points to Ponder to Optimize News Feeds

1. Pick a topic that interests your target market. I personally selected small marketing news. You can choose to have the most recent news on a difficult issue being faced by your industry. What’s good about this is that you don’t have to worry about the solutions, just start up a forum where your audience can obtain details on a subject.

2. Acquire your news feed. There are numerous web services that offer news feeds of different kinds of information. I highly recommend you to search for news aggregators based solely on your business.

3. Add the feed to your website. This is usually the tricky part, but a programmer friend recommended a cost-effective solution that I successfully easily placed the news feed on my site. What’s great about this is that after you have finished setting up the feed, you don’t have to think about it again.

4. Earn more profit for your website. Think about posting ads on the same page as your news feed. The constant up-to-date news will definitely keep visitors coming back and this will lead to passive profits for you.

5. Attract more traffic to your website. Through years of experience I have found out that a great way to drive traffic to your site is through writing articles and properly distributing them. Doing so will lead you to sure quality traffic.


So those 5 ways combined comprise the secret recipe for achieving success from news feeds. It’s actually very doable and not intimidating at all. It’s just about knowing which resources to tap to optimize your feeds to benefit both you and your market.

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