new advertising techniquesNew advertising techniques can help you boost your revenues. As technology continues to rapidly progress, almost all industries have evolved. This includes the field of advertising.

Before, advertising revolves around radio and TV commercials mixed with print ads.  It probably didn’t cross the minds of entrepreneurs then that they would one day allocate a big budget for internet advertising. Fast-forward to 2006 and they find themselves spending more for new advertising techniques. As much as $16 billion were spent that year for new ad techniques online.

If you want to keep up with your competitors or stay ahead of them, you need to adapt to the changing technologies. To reach your target audience, try these new advertising techniques:

New Advertising Techniques in the 20th century

  1. Blogging

An estimated 50 million people around the world have web blogs. Companies also maintain their own, called “adverblog”. However, most people rely on independent bloggers with no commercial affiliations. They tend to think that they are more credible than sponsored blogs.

Blogging is among the new advertising techniques that are popular. This is because they are able to provide concise information in a variety of categories. From health and wellness to travel and leisure to beauty and cosmetics. The beauty of blogging as one of the new advertising techniques, is that it makes your advertising more targeted. For instance, if you are selling cosmetics, it’s best to put up ads on a beauty blogger’s site. You can also blog about the latest beauty trends in your company blogs.

  1. Using Podcasts

New advertising techniques include the use of Podcasts. They are popular for their ability to cater to audience who love listening to audios and watching videos. Consumers can download your MP3 format file, listen to it repeatedly, save it and even share it to others!

Recent data suggests that six million people have downloaded podcasts and the numbers keep increasing. The popularity of podcasts is only bound to surge as radio-type podcasts now turn into new advertising techniques. Take the case of Disney, Clear Channel and Viacom which already launched their radio-type podcasts. If you want to follow these new techniques, start developing your own podcasts

  1. Gaming

Millions of people across the globe play online games. This opens up a good opportunity for advertisers to put up their ads on gaming sites. You can place logos or small ads in the corner of gaming websites or you can make them see the ads first before they can begin the game. As one of the new advertising techniques, gaming proves to be efficient in getting video gamers to be involved in your brand.

  1. Mobile Advertising

About two hundred million people in the United States avail of mobile phone apps. Gadgets produced in the recent years all make it possible to access the Internet. Smartphones, for instance, are extremely popular. With internet connectivity, people surf, play games, read the news and entertain themselves. That is why mobile advertising as among the new ad techniques, offers a great potential to boost your profits.  It means instant global reach and expanding market.

Evolving Technology Means New Advertising Techniques

To step up your game, consider these new advertising techniques that had replaced traditional forms of advertising. It may be hard to predict what the future holds for the advertising industry. However, keeping tabs on the current technology will give you an idea of what lies ahead.

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