network marketersNetwork marketers nowadays compete for a lot of share of attention in the website-saturated World Wide Web. These marketers play in a game of numbers. There is greater opportunity and greater potential to make more money if you attract more people. Presenting to you 7 innovative techniques to help drive a steady stream of traffic to your website:


7 Traffic Tips for Network Marketers

1. Write, Publish, Distribute

Articles, Reports and e-books are every network marketer’s best friends. The Internet is the ultimate source of information. You should use this high demand to your advantage. Utilize article writing to advertise your website. Craft high quality content. Let others publish your work. A great recommendation is to post and circulate a branded special report or e-book. Website owners and other network marketers can include this as a reference to their site. This isn’t plagiarizing. You are still the owner of the report. It’s just a way to promote your site as the reference, with a link to your site containing your products and services.

2. Join forums

It is important for network marketers to branch out by joining newsgroups, forums and mailing lists. There are numerous forums online for almost any topic under the sun. They often join forums. Forums also permit you to attach a signature line to every post. Use this opportunity to promote your website by posting thoughtful inquiries and offer your expertise. Members and visitors of these forums will eventually see your signature. The link to your site will lead to free, targeted traffic. The more often you post, the more people to view your signature. The more traffic you gain. Don’t forget to use a compelling signature. A good suggestion is to use a previous successful ad you have had.

3. Expand network by joining networking sites

Network marketers are urged to take part in networking sites. These sites were actually created for people in the same industry to converge and discuss their products and services. Networking sites can be likened to offline networking events. Here, people gather to meet other people. But for convenience, network marketers can easily convene with other fellow marketers digitally instead.

4. Make use of traffic exchanges and classified sites

There have been negative feedback on classified ad sites and traffic exchanges. But these can be of great help to network marketers when used properly. They are great sources of traffic for marketers. This is true especially when you’re promoting a product or service that advertisers can take advantage of. While the common public may not frequent this type of advertising sites, a lot of website owners do so to ensure their advertisement is published on the sites. Since they are already there, they can’t help but take notice of the other ads. If yours is catchy enough, you might just get additional visitors.

5. Start a contest

Another great tool for network marketers is to whip up an online contest promo. Who doesn’t want to win something? That is why a contest promo is an effective generator of traffic. Make sure the prize you choose will draw in your target audience, and not just anyone and everyone. For example, choose a brand new laptop as a prize. You will then draw in almost everyone. Better if you get targeted traffic from those who might be really interested to your site. They will eventually be potential customers. Another tip for network marketers interested in putting up contests is to search “contest directories” online. Here, promote your contest on the sites listed for free.

6. End all your emails with a powerful signature

These marketers are encouraged to create a compelling signature automatically added to all outgoing mails. Every time someone reads your email is a chance for an added visitor to your website. In your signature, make sure you include a brief description of what you do. Incorporate a slogan and of course a link to your website. All you have to do is set it up once and you can forget about it and just let those visitors come to your site. A passive stream of visitors is every network marketers dream.

7. Experiment with newsletter classifieds

Marketers are also urged to try out newsletter classified ads. There are numerous newsletter publishers who provide new subscribers with free postings of classifieds. These may not bring a huge turnout. But, they can still lead to some traffic if you present something with highly-perceived value but actually of low cost to you. Newsletter classified ads are also a great tool for network marketers to test which of their new ads work best. Upon finding out which ad is the best, use it in a pay-per-click campaign. You can also turn it to an email signature or forum signature.


With the great competition online, network marketers must exhaust all options possible to help drive people to their site. Try at least one or all of these techniques. Follow in the footsteps of successful marketers.

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