offline advertising strategiesOffline advertising strategies has long been neglected due to the fact that online advertising has been taking the center stage. The most common ways of advertising online is the use of free search engines, pay per click search engines, search engine optimization, press releases and posting links on forums and message board of websites related to your business.


Three Highly Effective Offline Advertising Strategies


  1. Business Cards. The use of business cards is considered as one of the oldest and among the most effective offline advertising strategies. However, the advent of internet and online advertising has led business owners to forget offline strategies such as the use of business cards.


Aside from being cheap advertising tools, business cards have proven to be effective tools in attracting your target market. Simply hand them out to people who you think will be interested in your business. Another good way of distributing your business cards is to leave one in restaurants, bars or clubs that you visit. This way, your information reaches even those people that you did not meet personally.


  1. Flyers. Flyers can be easily made through online flyer makers and distributed in several places. You can post them in business areas where people who may be interested in your business can easily see them. Boards on supermarkets also allow your advertisement be posted so be sure to make good of this opportunity.


Like business cards, flyers are cheap advertisement tools which have always made it to several offline advertising strategies.


  1. Automobile advertising. Yes, your car is among the effective offline strategies that has been overlooked for the longest period of time. You can stick magnetic signs on your car displaying your company name and domain name. This way, hundreds will see your advertisement per day regardless of whether it is being driven around or simply parked outside the supermarket.


10 Proven and Tested E-zine Advertising Tips


  1. Focus your advertising to your target market. Much like offline advertising strategies, it is important to make your advertising appealing to your target market. Making it generally appealing to all spells disaster since you could end up not being noticed by any member of the general public. Focus your energies in getting the attention of your target market and work your way from there.


  1. Know how your ads are working. It is important which ads are most profitable and which ads are not serving its purpose. Ads which do not earn you anything can either be taken down or revamped in order to make it more appealing to your audience.


  1. Place your ads in multiple issues. This way, your business will be repeatedly seen in many issues thus forming a higher name recall. Another advantage of doing this is that you will save money in the long run since most publishers charge lower rates for bulk advertising.


  1. Write a good catchy headline. A good headline will attract the attention of your target market and will increase the probability of them reading your ad and visiting your page. Like other offline advertising strategies, adopting the strategy of making a good headline can do your business wonders.


  1. Your ads should attract customers, not sell. The purpose of your ads is to attract attention to your webpage. Your webpage should be the one to do the convincing and selling for you. Offline advertising strategies which advise businesses to resort to flyers and other forms of advertising also suggests that ads should only attract customers to contact you. It therefore becomes your job to encourage people to buy from you.


  1. Make your headline reader friendly. Avoid using all caps in your headline as this would make any reader feel that you are shouting at them. Always use proper sentence composition in your headline to make you appear professional and desirable to transact with. This is also considered as one of the basic offline advertising strategies.


  1. Urge people to do something after reading your ads. Like in advertising strategies, it is strongly advised to include a call of action at the end of your advertisement in order to encourage people to learn more about your product or your business.


  1. Make professional sounding ads. Yes, you would want to catch your audience’s attention by sounding funny or light. However, even known offline advertising strategies advice against it as it could make you sound unprofessional and unserious about your business. Maintain professionalism in your ads while being catchy at the same time.


  1. Lure them with incentives. The best way to encourage them to visit your webpage is through offering them something for free when they visit your site. This could be an e-book, a 5% discount coupon that they can use when they purchase your products and the likes. These are often also advised by offline advertising strategies.


  1. Subscribe to the E-zines that you would like to advertise in. This way, you can analyze the reach of the e-zine as well as get an inkling of the other ads being placed there. For traditional advertising, it is also advised that you subscribe in the newspaper where you would like to advertise in. This is among one of the effective offline advertising strategies.

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